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  1. Thx, good to know. And how about the PDSTT launched aim54?Should the warning triggered same as a AIM7(once off the rail it directly generates the MSL LCH warning)?
  2. Hello HB mate, nice job for the implmention of the new missile API. I've 2 simple question for the new API AIM-54 if your could please clarify (by your design when the missile is working properly): 1. Will the TWS SARH mid-course guidance trigger STT or MSL launch warning on target's RWR(since it is SARH guidance) or simply behave same as the normal TWS + MSL DL with only SCAN warning? 2. With PH ACT and launched in TWS, if the AIM54 seeker can not find any target, will the SARH DL still be available for the missile to locate the target? Thx. Many people are interesting for these
  3. Same problem, but with SA-2. Even the SA-2 has already open fired on me and it is the only type HAS is scan for(Center scaning, direct head on situation), the HARM still can't pick it up until I doged 2-3 rounds.
  4. +1. If there is smoke around the target area, it will mass up the whole TGP, poor AGC, and even MGC can't tweak it back.
  5. +1. Happened many times in MAV PRE mode. U can slew the TGP over with AREA/POINT track and the SPI just stuck on the original WP, and the MAV is desynchronized with TGP.(And we can't even slew the MAV in PRE mode after SPI designate...Ah...)
  6. If you can VID a target, VIS mode is the fastest to shoot a MAV. And about the TGP, nope, MAV slave to SPI in PRE mode, not the opposite. U will need the MARK function(which haven't come online yet) to designate a visual point and make it SPI (for further engagement or DL to others).
  7. Agreed, NWS is too sensitive compare to other planes.
  8. We have tested 16 17 18 DL in full MP enviroment and it haven't been touched since then. From our tests, 17 can NOT receive 16 or 18 DL or PPLI as intended. If you have 17 receiving 16 DL or PPLI, plz upload track for further investigation. Thx.
  9. F-16 F-18 use Link16 while Jf-17 use Link-17, they are different systems , so they can not cooperate with each other. Fow now, U can use an E-2 or E-3 as a birdge since AWACS can operate both system, it will distribute contact info into both network. Note: A50 use a different DL protocol, and currently it has some problem link with jeff, so we use the SADL awacs instead for a temporary solution.
  10. foxwxl


    Yup, I use to do a lot of SP missile dodge training in when a big change occurs, this will help you familiar of the new missile characteristic and know the new limitations.:D
  11. Launch authorization is strict for dumb bomb to improve the accruacy. The restriction for guided bomb is a bit loosen, since the bomb can be guided and you can release ealier for a shallow shot or later for a steep shot, so it is intentional. DTOS works like the SU27 CCIP->CCRP, U need to PRESS & HOLD the wpn release button for designate and HOLD the button UNTILL release. If you release the button before weapon off rail, then the launch is cancelled, release cue will be off and only designate point remains.
  12. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4382200&postcount=6 Check this out, see if you have input the correct digits.
  13. I excepting the weapon the behave correctly when it should, the SFM does not quite care about the AOA of the weapon, so it can keep level flight from M0.8-M0.6 for quite a long time with nearly 0 AOA, as long as the life time is not timed up and laser is on, it can hit the target. Speed just matters how fast it hit the target, does not affect the attitude of the weapon, so it get odded in some case. In fact it can easily hit a target at 7.5NM. So very long range shots can be expected to be tuned in later patch.
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