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  1. Hi, I used part of the Bf-109 K4 Jagdgeschwader 53 skin from the DCS base game (the exhaust weathering) on the DCS K-4 skins I made and uploaded to the user files a couple months back. I credited the original creator BTW. Now I've updated my old IL-2 skins with the same exhaust weathering and wonder if something like that could be made public on IL-2 forum. Would ED see this as a legal issue? In both cases the skins are free ofcourse.
  2. I used to have this on my older PC, weirdly what helped was clicking on the desktop after starting the game (just before it would show the black screen). Might have been something with fullscreen or something. Anyway I don't have that problem anymore, so yours could be unrelated.
  3. They could have at least use existing racks. I'd rather have them clipping with the bombs than bombs floating.
  4. Mustang, can something like this be done for the Channel? Last performance update pretty significantly downgraded quality.
  5. Roadmap thread, Discord post from yesterday here:
  6. From the roadmap thread: "According to Kate, the new clouds are "already optimized" (you won't need the 3080 to run it). They will be released in multiple stages: 1. Presets only (release date - with the 2.6, "as soon as possible", "we're almost there", "no, not 'in two weeks' - more like 'in two months'") 2. Configurable weather 3. Dynamic weather. Apparently, the new clouds will be synced in multiplayer at stage 1 already." My guess is we'll get the 1. stage between march and june, given the past predictions were month or two off. Probably year or more to get the whol
  7. BRAIN MELTED! Clouds, new graphics effects, Apache... I hope you guys succesfully bring all this new tech into OB without any major performance problems. Good luck.
  8. F**k me those clouds are insane!
  9. No more white dot, and it's just much better now. I'm on 1080p, It might be that. Or perhaps it's just about preference.
  10. This is taking way too long. It's not one of those barely noticable visual bugs, this one is pretty obvious. Can we please have this fixed?
  11. Great work on the latest update ED! Viper SPI, stutter on the WWII DM and lots of other fixes. I think there's even better performance on the Channel. But What I absolutely love about this patch is the new spotting. Looks great, please don't change it.
  12. Great mod, thank you! Is there a way to keep the original smoke height for downed planes(SP version)? I like all the effects, especially the dust when the plane hits the ground, I just prefer vanilla debris smoke.
  13. https://giphy.com/gifs/XY667XWVLovVAVjIby/html5 Detent is around 80% throttle (works well for F-14/16/18), might need a little curve addjustment. Files and more info here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4679074
  14. Yes, it was the mod by mustang causing the stutter, at least on my end. He fixed his mod and now I have no stutters.
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