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  1. Hi, I'm trying to set up a Falklands-type mission in the Mission Editor: I'm flying an A-4E against two AI-controlled AV8Bs taking off from a carrier. I have the AI Harriers set with AIM-9s, and have tried using "Escort" and "CAS" as mission types (there is no "CAP" option for the AV8B). In either case, the Harriers refuse to engage in ACM and simply fly on straight and level even as I shoot them up. I've buzzed them, come in from behind, from the front, from above and below - the Harriers just ignore me. The AI is set to "veteran" on both planes. Is there another mission type where they
  2. I was just going to ask if they've added tanker capability as well...
  3. Having fun with a MiG-15. The AI-controlled MiG-15's flight model is more impressive (i.e. unrealistic) than the F-15 and MiG-29 combined! LoL! Makes for a more stimulating fight. LoL! Three rounds (the first one took forever). Direct links to each round in the Youtube description. Note: The pilot-controlled MiG-15 flight model is excellent, by the way. I'll be curious to try this in PvP - most likely I'd still get my butt kicked.
  4. Point taken. I'm definitely into A2A but, in this case, I just want to find out what the airframe is capable of. I used to fly the old ver.1.4 against F-16, F-18, and JF-17 carrying an assortment of AIM-120C, AIM-9M/X, and SD-10s - just so I can see what it takes to survive against a superior opponent. Flying against superior opponents helps improve my situational awareness and makes me look for non-standard ways to survive (and maybe win). All in good fun! Cheers! Doc
  5. After a few hours of flying against various AI opponents, I'm quite comfortable with the way the A-4 flies. All the "enemy" is set to "veteran" except for the F-15 (because all it does on "veteran" is endless vertical loops). I did give myself a "handicap" - I start with 55% fuel, but the opponents are loaded with 75-80%. In all engagements against the AI, I was shot down only once and that's because I got distracted and let the F-15 get behind me. Of course, flying against a competent human player is a whole different ball-game - the AI is too predictable and limited in what they do. But at l
  6. How do you aim in ACM? Given that the A-4 carries precious few rounds and that they don't seem to do all that much damage unless you are really close, it's imperative to make every round count. The F-86 had a lead computing gun sight, but the A-4 appears to have none. Do you just aim it like a WWII warbird and use your best guess and experience? And, yes, I know the A-4 is not supposed to be a fighter, but adding a lead computing gun sight would't detract from its light attack mission. And they even used the A-4 in the Top Gun school to simulate enemy MiG-17s...
  7. To be honest, I'm not surprised if it's not modeled. I'm not sure how accurately the engine is modeled either. I often fly full throttle during combat, happily climbing away after Bf109s and FW190s. If I pull a stunt like that in any other WWII warbird - Spitfire most of all, but P-51, P-47, Bf-109, etc. - I very quickly see the white smoke followed by a dead engine. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE the little I-16 dearly, but I'm not sure how accurately engine management has been modeled. Perhaps others have a different experience...
  8. WOW!!!! I can't believe how detailed they've made the new FM!!! Thanks for the clarification Rudel_chw.
  9. I've noticed a curious behavior with the new A-4: When the airspeed exceeds about 550kts, the nose "tucks under" - start dropping and makes it very difficult to pull up until you deploy the air-brakes and slow down to below 500kts. Is this an intended behavior? Is that how the real A-4 reacts to overspeeding? In general, I find the new A-4 to be much closer to the way the F-14 flies - it shakes and rattles under high AoA and you have to use the rudder to turn. The big difference, of course, is its inability to go in the vertical like the Tomcat when it lights the burners.
  10. The radio certainly works, but... 1. You have to tune to the appropriate frequency (e.g. carrier) - if you don't, then easy-comm does nothing when in the air. 2. As seen in my video above, I contact the carrier and call "See you at 10". I am advised to contact the tower, which is usually automatic when I am close to the carrier. However, from time to time, I fly past the carrier and nothing happens (as was the case in the video). I even called "see you at 10" a second time and was, once again, advised to contact the tower, but there's no way to initiate such communication (that is a
  11. I tried taking on an F-14 tonight - guns only (AI set to "veteran"). Boy, dogfighting is a whole different experience under the new FM...
  12. Yeah, I've seen that too - sometimes you black out for 1-3 sec, sometimes it's a red-out. Usually happens when I give it full throttle to push the pin into the cat. But full throttle or not - it takes a while (working the throttle back and forth) to finally get hooked in. I wonder if anyone has a "recipe" for doing it right. Still, this is a beta version - I'm sure these little hick-ups will be cleaned up by the time the official version is released. Given how complex and accurate this model is and how much work the developers have put into it, I'm amazed they are graciously gifting it to the
  13. Good tip - I think I have the S-3 going at 320kts now, which is a lot. By the way, I think the trigger collider (the graphics component, which detects collision) on the basket is a bit misplaced: You have to aim the probe just above the basket and then it snaps in. If you aim for the center of the basket, it doesn't connect. Could be just my perception...
  14. Here's my first attempt at air-to-air refueling with new A-E (v.2)... This thing is harder to refuel than anything other than the JF-17.
  15. I'm flying off of Abe Lincoln. Gotta try the old Stennis. Maybe the TACAN works with the Stennis but not with Supercarrier?? Does the ICLS work off the Stennis, too?
  16. Glad I'm not the only one experiencing this issue. I've spent the last 2 days trying to get the carrier and tanker TACAN and ICLS to work with the A4v2 and no luck. I can definitely pick up the land-based TACANs, but nothing from the carrier and nothing from the tanker. No ICLS either. The discussion above clarifies the TACAN situation somewhat. Has anyone gotten the ICLS to work? By the way, if I switch to a land-based TACAN, then go back to carrier TACAN (or any other TACAN channel), the last successful TACAN info remains on the display, including the last recorded distance to the TACAN
  17. Carrier quals with the new FM. Still not quite used to it, but I'm starting to get the hang of it. Lots of fun!!
  18. Carrier quals with the new A-4E (ver.2.0). Fantastic plane, but the new FM needs some getting used to...
  19. Doc3908


    That's assuming you want to fly an early Korea scenario. But WWII scenarios of Yak-3s vs. Me-109s and FW190s are just as fun (probably more fun for me personally). The Yak-3 was the most maneuverable Russian fighter of WWII (highest roll rate and highest sustained turn rate (somewhat debatable)). It was lighter than the Yak-9 (2550kg vs. 3000+kg) and had a better thrust-to-weight ratio, though the Yak-9 had more wing-area. As you probably know, the germans were advised "not to engage Yaks without an oil-cooler intake in the nose (i.e. Yak-3) under 5000m". Either the Yak-9 or the Yak-3 - in any
  20. Thanks so much., Devil 505. You are absolutely right - once I tuned the radio to the carrier frequency, I could talk to the carrier as usual. I still don't know how to make the LSO happy though. I have to come in slow (about 120) to maintain proper AoA. But every time I trap, I get "yelled at" for coming in too slow. Best grade I've gotten so far from the LSO is "--". I think the LSO is configured for the F-18 and expects you to fly like an F-18... I'll keep trying though...
  21. I'm using easy-comm, so I assumed I don't have to tune to the carrier frequency. I'll certainly try. Does carrier communication work for you while in the air?
  22. Does anyone know how to communicate with carrier? Once in the air, I call "Inbound" but there's no response and no change in the comms menu. If you bolter or do a touch-and-go, the comms menu pops up automatically with a "Kiss Off" option. Once you select it, the carrier deck lights up (at night) and you get the LSO grade when you trap (no communication from the LSO in the grove). When I practice, I learned to do a touch-and-go with the hook up, then another approach with the hook down. But it gets tedious after a while: To get 3 graded approaches, you have to do a touch-and-go first on each a
  23. Just downloaded and installed v.2 beta. A huge "THANK YOU!!!!" to the developers.
  24. Thanks, guys. Very useful info and much appreciated!!!
  25. Nice video - really enjoyed watching it. Thanks for sharing.
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