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  1. Korea1952 is a good server: F-86 vs MiG-15, human players only, strong emphasis on realism.
  2. Unless its a guns-only duel with another player, just don't fly the MiG-15 on a server that mixes more modern type jets. Even the F-5E is superior in every respect - max speed, roll rate, missiles, radar, etc. You may have snuck up on an F-5 here and there, but they have the advantage if they are paying attention. As for the more advanced jets - they can splash you with missiles from 30-50miles away and you wouldn't even know they have fired a missile. The MiG-15 has no radar, no RWR, no countermeasures. It is much slower and has a low roll rate. Play against the F-86s on the Korea1952 server
  3. By the way, another alternative is MiG-15 vs. F-86 on the Korea1952 server. It's jets, but no computers, only guns only and a lot of fun. From what I've seen, most people use that server between 4pm and 7pm EST. I've flown on it a couple of times and it's a lot of fun - some good players on both sides to keep you on your toes.
  4. I fly quite often on the Clash of Wings server. Less crowded than SoW and a greater variety of planes to choose from. Depending on the time of day, there are usually 3-4 other people (sometimes more) on that server and a bunch of AI.
  5. Doc3908

    SRS for I-16?

    Yes, for the most part, the real I-16 did not use a radio (so I was surprised to see the non-functional radio box in the latest DCS version). That said, after some extensive digging around, I found a way to use SRS with the I-16. Turns out, the instructions on how to set up any radio (similar to the FC3 modules) were in the SRS help menu. All you need to do is look up the name of the radio from the spreadsheet on the SRS site, create a plain text file named with that radio name, and add the comm frequencies. Then save the file to the "Simple Radio" folder in your SRS folder. For those who care
  6. Flew my very first online sortie on this server a couple of days ago. I flew a MiG-15 and there was another MiG and two F-86s at the time. It was fun - the F-86 guys knew what they were doing and kept the fight up high. Once we got down low, it was relatively easy to latch on to them. Stupidly, I forgot to turn off the gun safety, so I missed several golden opportunities (though the guy I was chasing eventually blacked out and went in the drink). I don't have a video, but I do have a partial tacview if anyone cares... What I didn't care for was that the fight was essentially over t
  7. Can you guys add the I-16 to the aircraft selection. I love that little thing more than all the other warbirds in DCS...
  8. Thanks, Lange_666. SRS is the way to go, but it doesn't work for all aircraft and I feel awkward when people are talking to me and I can't reply.
  9. I'm been venturing a little on MP, but the communication aspect of it has been the most intimidating part. I did install SRS, but it doesn't seem to work for the I-16 that I fly on the WWII servers (I-16 doesn't have a radio, so I imagine SRS is not supported). Does the chat window work in VR??
  10. Doc3908

    SRS for I-16?

    Does anyone know how to use SRS with the I-16? Since there's no (operational) radio, I have no idea how to set up SRS for the I-16 in multiplayer. Thanks!
  11. You may be right. I just did one more flight on the same server, but kept the rpm to no more than 2200 at all times (1800-2000 for much of the flight). Flew for about 40min and no issues.
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