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  1. Take the plane you love. M2000C
  2. Wait! Is there another version of DCS???
  3. Man... a very honest answer, thank you... thats why I love Heatblur...
  4. Heatblur... Viggen (Saab), F-14 and A-6 (Grumman)... Next Gen Fighter... DCS GRIPEN C CONFIRMED!
  5. I just bought the Hind on my Steam account (Its much easier in my country, they have many payments options I dont have in standard store, sadly) but I use the Standalone Client. In past I did this many times but with Hind when I click "Get Licences" he doenst show up. I will be enabled to import only after the launch?
  6. Can confirm, I create a mission to test and the game crash everytime when I take off server-20210421-173019.trk server-20210421-172610.trk
  7. Well, the difference of DCS Sparrow and the Zuni Pod is the Zuni have 19 rockets.
  8. Unfortunately, any product sent here pays 60% tax on the value of the product plus shipping.
  9. Still selling? Shipping outside the USA?
  10. The last OB messed up with the Hornet radar so much is barely unplayable in GS right now. The TWS Auto simply can't be used, the targets disappear in front your eyes on radar and Data Link.
  11. By far, is the Harrier, the probe position is a nightmare to look without a wide field of view.
  12. If you have a secondary disk with space, you can make a symbolic link of download_ folder to another disk: look at this tutorial.
  13. Hum... wrong track, sorry. But I think you are right, the missile goes to a ally F-15C, I think he was jamming in that moment. I will correct the link on original post.
  14. Yes, but going ballistic is different than abandon the target and start pursuing a random plane.
  15. After the last patch, the AIM-120C is erratic, sometimes it fly straight ignoring the enemy, sometimes lose track and pursue a random plane (even out of his sight). I attached a trk file where my AIM-120 lauched at 26nm of enemy start a loft and then, abandon his path to hit my ally in under him, in another episode, a AIM-120 launched at point blank do a 90 degre turn and start a pursuit of my ally far away. https://drive.google.com/file/d/19FIZrnH3vJcuKvzTEb-L0xOF1S3LOinF/view?usp=sharing
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