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  1. Hey all, Swapped my two monitors to better accommodate the mounting of my TrackIR module. Swapped Primary & Secondary monitors in Win10 - no prob, but DCS is now starting up in the 'wrong' monitor, and I can't seem to find anything in the forums to address this and swap it back to my Primary monitor. It's as if it is slaved to the specific monitor, NOT the monitor location. Apparently, in older versions deleting the options.lua file reset it, but it also resets everything which seems a little extreme to me. I see nothing in the LUA file that seems to indicate monitor ID or prefe
  2. Nevermind. Found answers but can't find how to delete thread...?
  3. Amazon says a new X56 set will ship in "1 to 2 months..." but then offers an almost three week delivery guarantee, which is strange. Ebay listings are the usual sketchy 'Logitech X56' but with pictures of the Saitek v.1 model - a buyer beware red flag if I've ever seen one. Anyone know what's up...? I'm new and in need of a HOTAS but the Warthog is out of my reach ATM.
  4. Thanks, everyone, for your advice & comments. It's all very much appreciated and i give them all consideration. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I received a PM and typed and sent several replies, none of which appeared in the Outbox. Replying is a pretty straight-forward process; not sure why this is happening? Do replies not appear for a while? If so, how do you know it was even sent? Thanks, Shaky
  6. Hey Headwarp, I hear the V.2 (post-Logitech acquiring Saitek) is improved and has addressed a number of QC issues raised under the old producer, Saitek. I guess we'll see. At any rate the more expensive HOTAS systems are out of my reach for now, and maybe unwise investment for a brand new user...? I received your PM but can't seem to reply....? Either that, or you are going to get several versions of replies as I attempted to do so but nothing shows in my outbox...? Honestly DCS uses a forum system that is not as functional as some others I have used before... This is the latest i
  7. HoneyViper, if you come across any good content please feel free to share with your fellow fledglings. I just received my TrackIR today and hope to have my X56 HOTAS by mid-month. I'm always on the lookout for good instructional material on technique & tactics, ACM, etc., including flight basics. I would like to find some solid instruction on Nap-of-the-Earth & formation flying.
  8. Hey folks, new to DCS so forgive me if this is the wrong forum in which to post this. I have only recently installed DCS. I have an M.2 NVME drive with my OS and several other SSD and mechanical drives for apps and storage. I installed DCS on my D:\ drive (SSD). I installed the A4 module last night, noting that it must be installed in the /users/[name]/Saved Games/DCS/Mods/Aircraft folder, which DCS created on my c:\ drive. The mod works fine, but part of the reason I used the SSD is to keep my OS drive relatively unpopulated and to prevent any possible conflicts between the OS &
  9. Hey HoneyViper, I, too, am totally new to DCS but wanted to share a great resource with you, that being GrowlingSidewinder's YouTube channel. So far it is the best source of air combat maneuvering technique I have found. He sets up combat with various aicraft and situations and maintains a running commentary throughout, explaining his actions and why. When the fight is over he switches to Tactical View and analyses the fight, step by step - I have learned so much just from watching his channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh2rDh7vXGeoh1LlzL3QEwg ${1}
  10. Headwarp, that is very cool of you to offer to assist! I very much appreciate that. I have to admit, I really like some of the aircraft in the FC3 module (I got to see and refuel the very first SU-27's to fly in the US, along with the 6-engined giant Antonov 225. The still-Soviet SU-27's put on a special, off-the-hook show to impress us Yanks and they were stunning). The free A4 clickable pit mod might be a nice starter, too. I saw the Blue's fly them and I've always had a soft spot for Heinemann's hotrod. My birthday is coming up this month, and I figure the X56 will be my present.
  11. Hey Fly, I kinda wondered about the difficulty of flying a low-fi model - having to memorize or at least, have close at hand, all those commands. To be honest (I have to admit I haven't dug very deeply into the forums....yet) I haven't heard anyone else comment about the difficulty of flying low-fi a/c, so I figured it must not be terribly daunting. Thanks for the pointer; it is certainly something I am going to give some serious thought to, especially as I hope to be VR capable before too long. C
  12. Hey Guys, Thanks for the responses. I do have a slot for a 2nd M.2 but it is limited to SATA performance when an associated PCIe slot is occupied. I am considering getting a dual SSD slotted/removable drives as I would like to run Linux for my day-to-day computing and a bootable SSD seems like the only safe & sane way to do that. (My dual-booting forays with Linux have been a nightmare...). I don't know if there is any advantage to using the 2nd M.2 slot if it is limited to SATA performance unless non-NVME SSD m.2s are cheaper than a 2.5" SSD...? At any rate some good thin
  13. Greetings, All! After spending far more time watching DCS YouTube videos than any normal, reasonably healthy adult should I have decided to start acquiring hardware, etc., to facilitate my entry into the DCS world. I have a good idea of what is needed, but do have a few questions... First, just a bit about myself: I was a 60's 'Space kid' enamored with all things Mercury, Gemini & Apollo. I spent my early years in the high desert of California where the X-planes and Century-series fighters out of Edwards made multiple daily sonic booms a way of life. Loved anything that flew all
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