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  1. that helps a bit so that I can see the edge of the switches. For now what I am doing is, turning my head to the right and pressing VR center then I look left and down to see switches, but still too weird to sit sideways in the F-14 cockpit LOL
  2. That's the issue, I thought server.lua can help by changing parameters especially roll, at least in the past it seems worked (not anymore?) I am very happy with reverb, its crystal clear but you have to look from the center, side of lenses have blurry images... so the question remains, can we use server.lua or not for changing f-14 default views?
  3. Hi Panton41, true it is WMR. I also have sitting setup and doing the centering trick. Still doesn't help me see those switches (i can barely glimpse them)... When you turn your head left and down - can you see switches and click them easily without moving your body and stretching your neck?
  4. Hi, I am trying to find how can I see switches on the left and right side in F-14 by rolling my head rather than breaking my neck or changing seat position.. the same issue for looking at the wings to check from my left or right cockpit window.. it appears VR headset is limited only to the front and few degrees (10 or less) to left and right in the cockpit. As per suggestions, I copied server.lua file to saved games and added F-14B inside and changed the numbers for "limits_6DOF" but it didn't work at all. I guess I am trying to use the VR headset as I do it with Track IR. In F-14,
  5. Did you try with Asus GPU tweak II? I also got good results with it. Will share numbers in the morning. The OC scanner that comes with it, takes some time but results were good, so far no crashing in DCS .. I was also able to increase power to %115 before OC which MSI afterburner doesnt allow to adjust (max 100)..
  6. I did OC for my 2060 super and DCS crashed right away but I did manual OC with Kombustor... Then I used automated method with MSI afterburner, it gained another 15% and added a curve.. its no longer crashing.
  7. I didn't use the OTT tool's HUD overlay for a while, today I decided and noticed it's no longer working (No Overlay Display). I am wondering if it's just me or something related to DCS update? I was trying to play with Nvidia settings and wanted to see how it's impacting the performance.I have Oculus CV1 (old version) thanks
  8. Might be the case, even momentarily high aoa perhaps? Or not enough energy meaning i need more power? Time to get back to my seat to learn tomcat :)
  9. Spins are good as long as you can recover.. I fly with single engines as hobby. Some of them very hard to put into the spin. Normally throttle to idle, opposite rudder of the rotation direction (full) then wait until spin stops.. Then nose down, add power and get out of it .. Obviously doesn't work for tomcat :(
  10. I will try to produce one. I got spins usually with steep turns while trying to not to lose any altitude. The principle is turn, trim , pull and add power to maintain altitude. The spin usually starts with a strange oscillation (left right movement) then weird adverse yaw then i cant recover from it.btw, i tried it with SAS on and off, no big change. I read in one of the pohs that real pilots turn sas off during dog fights.. I will keep trying and get better, looks like i am doing something wrong.. Thanks
  11. There is something wrong with Tomcat.. So far any high-speed, high bank angle G turns resulting with flat spin. I tested clean (no flap), full flap configs and attempted various turn and stall configurations too.. I never observed such instable characteristics in Hornet, what's everyone's experience? I am very frustrated and planning to go back F18.. P.s. I keep AoA in limits and ball centered always.
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