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  1. I figured out how to get past the pause/break issue. It's not exactly perfect but it works. here are the steps that will GUARANTEE you will unpause and fly. Oh yes! 1. Go to Best Buy (or use google) 2. Buy a Razer gaming keyboard 3. load the software or just plug the key board in to your P.C. (works on desktops and Laptops and yes the new Dell toughbook!) 4. Start your game. 5. Hit the brightly lit pause/break button on the righthand side of the keyboard. Botta Boom! Botta Bing! Botta Bang! Now your flying! It's worth the money I spent just to play the game. remapping the keys doesn't work. I spent a good 24 hours trying all different type of keys. I'm gonna start dissecting exactly what the ASC II code is for the pause/break key and see where this code command is located. I can't guarantee anything but it is easy to just bu a gaming keyboard with cool glowing lights.
  2. I have had the pause/Break screenas well wit a brandnew purchased game. I trid remapping the keys as well as still no success. I hvetried e-mailing tech support for the game as well. I am still waiting for a reply. The game box looks cool though. Wish could play it.
  3. Pause/Break no functioning I have tried remapping the pause key under General keys in the option menu. This doesn't work I am trying to play the singlepayer version and not multiplayer. So ar al I get to do is look at the pause/break message or hit esc key to quit. how do i get past this so I can start enjoying the game. I have not been able to find a direct soltion for this yet in your forum. Can anybody just spell it out so others who will be having this same problem oo can save hous of digging around and googling? I would so greatly appreciate it as the box atleast looks cool. Ths is th first time I have ncountered this in a game especially a new one.
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