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  1. Thanks lange_666 and msmith301 will follow up. For now trying to use the resources online that I can find to complete the Cub Pilot HS upgrade kit into the throttle :-)
  2. Hello, it's been a good while. I'm hoping folks are still watching this. I do have my hs kit installed in the stick and all back together. I will post a photo set and some follow up questions, but physical assembly went well. And I have a good number of the original custom springs Ian had made in Australia. I'm now moving on the the HS-1 kit install on the throttle. I did find some online photo/text/tutorial for that install. But if someone has a pointer to something that they really liked that would be helpful. My major concern now is once I have physical installs done on the Throttle a
  3. Sokol1 br gives the best advice IMHO. The original cougar gimbal did not hold up well for hard use. If you are trying to repair an original though attach a photo I'd like to se which axis broke.
  4. Can you show a phtoto of what part of the gimbal that was damaged? I get confused on x-y axis on the original gimbal. I think it's the y axis part? as it's the thinnest and does not have the support that the x does (or vice versa :-))
  5. There's about 200 or so of those custom springs still in stock at the supplier in Australia that custom made them for Ian years ago. I've been in contact and have a dozen on order. In the meantime getting back to reassembly. After removing those brass couplings things went well. I did have to dissasemble the gimbal to adjust the set screw for one of the sensors. Gimbal is back together, with sensors installed just have to look at that url that shows how to get the springs back to position. I did get some proper gauge Scotchlok clips to complete the wiring so won't have to solder.
  6. Pushed a query to Ian. I imagine he's the only source for springs, else he may be able to provide a contact? Ray
  7. Partway through reassembly now. Picked up on the set screws on the x and y axis for binding the HALL sensor shafts. Thing is the one on the end was get to. The center shaft actually has 2 set screws. I tried just popping the springs off and using the set screw there to allow the flat of the sensor shaft to pass but no good even when backed out all the way. Had to disassemble to get to the set screw on the other side :-) Before I finalize assembly - do you folks recommend thread locker on the set screws for Hall Sensors? Nothing was on them, I'm thinking just adjust to tight and let them alone
  8. Thanks everyone - so I did get the bushings off. Ian also recommended the pliers appraoch. I did try just placing the two nuts as a jam assembly to give pliers a place to lever. But a couple care ful attempts were not moving them. Used the Dremel to cut through the narrow area on the shaft without the flat. Came off nicely by wedging after that against the jam nuts. Luck as there was red thread locker on them, so best that I didn't force without cutting first. Going to start the assembly now. Wish I had some of those tiny inline connectors on some of the picks but since I only need a small
  9. Here's what I have. You can sort and look through detail on the hall sensor kit as well as the Uber Gimbal set. Pretty sure it's the NXT version. My issue is that the Hall Sensor kit might only be compatible with the Cougar Uber, not the NXT. When I checked at fit the shaft ends of the sensors didn't want to fit into the NXT. I might have been doing something wrong? I'd like to see an image of the sensors that Cub Pilot sent when someone bought an NXT from Ian. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ijYckuZyBoGrQC4M9
  10. Looks to me now for certain the HAL kit I have was for Uber mod - first gen from Ian. Has the brackets and such. Version didin't require gimble replacement. I have the Uber gimbal that might have taken a different set of HALO kit from Ernie Smith (Cub Pilot),
  11. Going to post a photo stack soon. Lange 666 - yep, already in contact with Ian. Going to post out to him as well. Have to figure out how to best post up photos here.
  12. Taking at a look at my total kit.I will post photos. Basically as it looks now. I have the original HOTAS Cougar set. SN is in the 4k range. I used it only a fair amount as I was heavy into the RAH-66 Comanche flight SIM back in the day. Figured back then I would go with UBER mod which was the Halo Sensor kit from Cub Pilot and some parts from Ian S. Kept playing the software, but never installed the sensors or the Uber upgrade. Then Ian came out with the Uberx mod and I bought one. None were installed. But is looking like the Halo kit for Uberx was a bit different. So looks
  13. Thanks - I also have the same word about Cub Pilot :-( RIP
  14. Thanks reschke - As I have researched things, it appears that I have the Halo kit from Ernie (Cub Pilot) Smith that was for the Cougar Uber mod. The shafts on the HALO's are specific to that implementation. I'll certainly have a look at SimHQ to see if I can find some help there. Looks like I either have to just put things back together as stock, try to find the other parts needed to modify to UBER mod else see if it's possible to mod the HALO shafts I have to work with Ian J's UBERx gimbal set. Thanks for your info!
  15. Hello: New member to DCS. I'm an original owner of a low SN original TM Cougar HOTAS Set. I purchased an Uber2 Gimbal Set and the related Cub Pilot set of pots. Found all that still in the packaging from years ago. I'm wanting to revive the HOTAS set with the Uber2 mod with those HALO sensors. All went well EXCEPT when I was working to do the physical install of the HALO sensors it looks as though the shaft end do not have the proper fittings to fit correctly into the UBER2 X/Y holes. What I've discovered is that the HALO sensor kit (from Cub Pilot) were for the stock gimble set, no
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