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  1. @Avantar, How do you set the Communication menu that is triggered by the "\" button? In the dropdown list there is the left & right backslash but not the single button (ASCII "92"). Thanks.
  2. Easiest way to control all your DCS installations & settings is use of this application The DCS Updater GUI Utility - DCS Mods - ED Forums (eagle.ru)
  3. @dburne, if you're looking for comfort for the index I can only advice Valve Index | Index Comfort Accessories | Studioform Creative . It took some getting here to The Netherlands but it sure was worth the wait.
  4. Check with this guy Grip Stands | Replika Gear , no information how fast he'll be up to deliver.
  5. Sorted. At first I deleted all input entries (Config\Input) & diff lua's for MiG in Saved Games. Did not work. Deleted whole Saved Games directory. Worked. Copied back all MiG diff lua's but this time into new(?) directory InputUserProfiles. Reloaded diff's in control screen. Works. Looking forward to have some missions again in MiG.
  6. Don't know what headset you're using but did you already have a look at Studioform Creative | Valve Index Accessory Oculus Quest 2 Comfort Acce ? Helps great in balancing the weight and the extra strap makes it really comfortable.
  7. Here is a test.trk that shows the problem. test.trk
  8. I did both, a repair and remove & install the module. And removed input directory in Saved Games. All other modules I've tested so far work just fine. It's just the MiG where this happens.
  9. Yes to both questions. I tried it by using the instant action mission. Still standing at the start, unlock the gear lever, press G, the gear lever goes up but the wheels stay down.
  10. Hello, It has been a while since taking the MiG for a spin. So maybe I've missed something about the landing gear. After takeoff, the landing gear does not retract. The handle moves up but the wheels don't move. Tried a repair but that didn't help. Tried in air, handle moves down and gear goes down. But they won't go up. Any ideas?
  11. Ok, thank you for your explanation. I will be looking forward to the release date.
  12. Hi, Can I ask these questions? 1.What are the dimensions? 2. How do you prevent using the brake unwillingly when pushing down for rudder movement?
  13. Thanks for your reply. Because I never go to MP I never used these options. And after I crash I just "die" and start over again. I'll just stick to Red/Blue from now on.
  14. Ok, thanks. My mistake, I thought that commenting out these lines was optional. But I can start a Red / Blue mission now. Still not sure what Spectators are? Maybe because I only do Single Player that it doesn't work? When I select this role DCS hangs again. And this is maybe also why Neutrals cannot be selected at all?
  15. Is there any requirements that neet to be installed for this to work? I've installed as per the instruction in the readme but the mission won't start. It starts with the loader mission, then follows the mission planner screen with the start button, and last the pause/break screen with the fly button. The next screen is the F11 view and there it stops. DCS does not react anymore. I have to end it in the task manager.
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