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  1. Yeah exactly. This button for the Hornet is on/off. You can bind it to the Hotas. When on then your throttle is set to go from idle to full mil-power. When off your throttle is set to go from idle to full-afterburner. I think that's a great solution. Very good for economic fuel consumption. I still miss this. Currently use the nozzle dials too but sometimes it does not work 100% and when I check F2 external view the afterburner is mininal active and you can't hear it inside the cockpit nor see it in the nozzle dial. It's just not a perfect solution. I wanna fly at 100% mil-power and not a
  2. OMG thank you so much for that. "RAlt + #" I've searched everywhere for this solution. Tanker never responded WTF because I only used "#". THANK YOU
  3. Is there anything like that now? I own the F18 and it has a button... works well.
  4. m u l t i c r e w please :)
  5. Yeah and it would be so cool if one flies that thing and one (+ maybe filled crew with AI) controls the guns. :)
  6. Hello guys, just wanted to ask you when multi-crew will be released in the DCS openbeta? Last time I checked it was said that it is planned to be released in may 2020. Any news or current status? And whats your priority on that? Thank you! :)
  7. Sorry, I did not say I'm a steam user. There is a 20% sale for the standalone, that's correct. I need a sale for steam. Hope it will come.
  8. So... still no body? Cmon guys. Hornet has a body and it adds a lot of immersion. Bring it for the Tomcat.
  9. I would really buy the F14 if it was in sale. Maybe 20%? Please. :)
  10. True. The analog RWR display says there is just no contact.
  11. deady1000


    Man HL:A is awesome. Will continue playing it today.
  12. The difference why you see the Mig-29 in the second scenario and not in the first scenario is perhaps easily explained. First scenario: You say you started cold. Probably your RWR is either completely disabled (it's not because we can see it active in the picture) or maybe it is enabled but it is not set to show incoming signals on the HUD. Check the "EW"-page when you start your plane this way and see if the "HUD"-option is ticked or not. Second scenario: You started airborne. The RWR is active and HUD-setting is also enabled. Thats why the Mig obviously shows up on the HUD.
  13. Check your radar-elevation in the second case. You won't scan any target when the elevation is set to >99k ft. And yes, the HUD information comes from the RWR which detects radar beams from an Mig-29 which is somewhere ahead.
  14. This is still not fixed yet in march 2020. :cry: Everytime I forgot to drop the tanks and try to refuel I have to delete the tank, wait and pick it up again. Very annoying. PS: At least thats the case in the F/A-18C Hornet.
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