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  1. Same. No crashes but crazy slow to start and slow loading missions
  2. Agree. Would like both shore and CV possibility to call touch and go or full stop.
  3. Just did the latest update and lost entire logbook stats. I suppose there is no way to retrieve, correct?
  4. There probably are too many reasons to list. Top of my head a few obvious ones might be immersion enthusiasts may want to track stats and keep up currencies. Those who are on multiplayer teams (squadrons) could track stats as done in ready rooms for friendly competition and necessary banter! Individuals may just like to keep for interest sake without going through creation and maintenance of some sort of tracking system. Not a must have, but if there is even a log book at all it could be a little more detailed.
  5. I have seen discussion in the past on updating the log book to be more descriptive. Has this been added to a wish list? It would be nice to distinguish between shore landings and traps aboard, with further day/night counts. Additionally, what about landing request comms updated to include request touch and go vs full stop? In SC, if you try touch and go it gets recorded as a bolter. Stay safe and healthy Cheers
  6. I have a rift s. Il play around and see. Thanks
  7. I see the ghostly glow around wingman lights too, so it is not just the HUD. Nav lights on a/c ahead n pattern glow with a huge halo around them.
  8. This seems to have happened with the latest upgrade I did today. Might be an issue with DCS ?
  9. Did you ever solve this problem? I have the same issue. Glowing HUD. Formation lights on wingman are blinding. Red light on gear handle is crazy bright.
  10. Thanks. I downloaded it and now have a long road ahead learning everything. Appreciate the info.
  11. Ya, I get the ATC repeating the same message over and over as well. Annoying
  12. Thanks Lunatic. I flew a mission yesterday and while everything took a while to load, it didn't crash. It even takes a long time to exit. So weird. I was thinking of getting the F-14. Is it worth it or would you recommend waiting until it is more stable? Still having fun with the Bug, crashing and slow loading aside, but using some isolation time in flight school learning the big jet could help pass the time, and keep me sane.
  13. I'll try the new CTB. Thanks. Frustrating to fly a long mission and then sit in Marshall waiting for push time, then freeze during the approach.
  14. So far I have had the issues with Supercarrier_Test_Mission, campaigns Serpents Head Nevada Black Sea 6.0 and Cage_the_Bear_-_HORNET_v1.2.23052020. SC Case I and cold start up work fine. However, just botting up DCS takes up to 5 minutes to get to main page. and getting missions to load takes almost as long.
  15. The mission I have tried so far are Supercarrier_Test_Mission.miz, and the campaigns are Serpents Head Nevada Black Sea 6.0 and Cage_the_Bear_-_HORNET_v1.2.23052020. Both worked with 2.5.5, but now the system freezes at various times. Some missions have worked fine, like a SC Case I landing and cold start. However, just starting DCS takes nearly 5 minutes to boot up to even the main page, and then several minutes to load missions which work. Any ideas?
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