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  1. I've noticed a lack of responding from HB in the Viggen forum. I've asked about hiding the control stick, and also added my own question for updates to the afterburner visuals discussion, and both have gone unanswered. The F-14 seems to be getting all the love right now, which is nice because I own that module too, but the Viggen needs the same level of forum attention in my opinion. Just because one is newer shouldn't put the other in the shade. Hoping for some updates to the Viggen, including a much needed rework of the AB plume, plus some additions of missing keymapp
  2. I have the option turned on in the general options but the stick still shows up in the Viggen. No clickspot at the base and no special key mapping in the Viggen's controls. Was this never implemented?
  3. I've tried looking in the manual and Chuck's guide, but I can't find a reference to these types of symbols on the moving map. Anyone know?
  4. Will need to be shipped to the U.S., California.
  5. Taking away functionality already introduced is never a solution to anything.
  6. Only saying this because the DCS World, 2021 and Beyond premier video highlighted the Longbow's silhouette at the end with the fiery sparks that made me think of previous Heatblur videos. Plus, it's a multicrew platform and you guys have your multicrew down pretty solid, so.... Any news to share?
  7. From my interweb browsings, I've read that ED's missile API was finished, Heatblur patched the F-14B and its missiles with that API, and that phoenix missiles and sparrows still don't track like they should and Jester loses lock like he did before the API was finished. Is all this true? I've also read that the current state of missiles and their tracking is out of Heatblur's hands because it's now up to ED to fix their API, and knowing ED that could be glacially slow. Is the Tomcat worth flying right now or should I keep it on the shelf?
  8. $3.49 for me after I applied miles. :)
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