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  1. Looks like the link has expired. You can see the posts by searching for posts by user '"Damcopter" in these forums.
  2. I certainly wish the developers success in their endeavours. I hope the Kiowa is fantastic and the Gazelle is made into the module everyone wants it to be. I have no axe to grind. I came to the Polychop forums a few days ago, interested in the Gazelle, but knowing nothing about any of the modules.
  3. I've read a couple of threads on this technique. This one has a diagram. And here is a YouTube video of it being tried out.
  4. For me, these posts from a helicopter flight instructor persuaded me that the FM model of the Gazelle is not up to the standard of typical DCS modules. There is also this document.
  5. Hi. I'd already seen that page. To be honest, it was one of the reasons I decided to look to another module. You started it after this post apologizing for neglecting the Gazelle, and not communicating with your customers. You said that you'd assigned a new coder full-time to the Gazelle and that would be more communicative. You made weekly posts to the update page for three weeks, then nothing. Why did you stop updating the page? Is there still a full-time coder assigned? What has been achieved since the last update?
  6. Just something that is easy to get to quickly. Maybe the backtick key (below the Esc key). Ideally, I'd like to map it to the joystick button. I've been playing around with a little Autohotkey script. I can map a button to LAlt-B which brings up the mission briefing, but for some reason, mapping it to RAlt-B doesn't invoke the Tacview bookmark. It is just ignored. Would there be any way for you to have it included in the DCS mapping screen?
  7. All good now. Thanks for your help.
  8. Thanks for the replies and the links. I'm going to get the bundle, so I'll own the Gazelle, but I think I'll concentrate on one of the other models. Reading through this forum, there seems to have been hardly any input from the developers regarding either the Gazelle or the new model for 18 months. The Gazelle is the heli that appeals to me, so I'll definitely keep an eye out or new developments.
  9. I'm thinking of getting the helicopter bundle. This is one that really interested me, although I know it's not as popular as some of the others. What are the bugs you mention?
  10. Is there any way to remap it to use a different key combination?
  11. I mistakenly posted a problem with Helper Gates in the Heatblur Forum. Would it be possible to move it here? This is the thread. Thanks.
  12. I must have posted this in the wrong forum. It's a generic issue that is affecting all modules since 2.5.6. It's not specific to Heatblur. Is it possible to move this thread to the correct forum, or should I delete it and start again?
  13. Great, thanks. The runway board in the video is 24, so I was looking for airfields with a matching runway.
  14. When flying any of the training missions, you need to be very close to the gates before they become visible. This leads to them suddenly popping-up out of nowhere. As an aside, if somebody is going to be looking at this, it would be extremely useful to have a trigger to turn the gates off, rather than only having one to turn them on. For example, if I want to practice circuits, I want to fly the circuit without the gates on, but it would be really helpful to switch them on for a short period to check where I am in relation to where I should be.
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