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  1. Tokoyami


    Concur - really ejoying this map. Nice work!
  2. Thank you for your comments - I read every word. I think we are much closer aligned than we suspect. I respect and appreciate your opinions and what’s important to you.
  3. I hear ya, truly. The entire reason I joined the Army was for a shot at a slot for flight school. In my third year of a six year enlistment I was selected for flight school. At the time I was a flying, non rated crewmen. Commonly known as a “Crew Chief”; logged about 350 hours at that point, in all conditions. It’s important to note non rated crew had to pass the same flight physical as pilots, save the 20/20 vision requirement. Anyway, I get to flight school, start WOC training and guess what? I fail the freakin eye exam for astigmatism. That’s right, they subject you to another flight physi
  4. Yess sir, points well taken. My comments were with the entire player base in mind, not the tiny fraction of the player base that interacts on forums - of which I am just as guilty as anyone else here. I am not blameless or without sin. My overall point was to expose what I believe are toxic influences that get far more credence than they should, and why, here on the forums. I don’t dismiss or minimize the why a customer wants a certain feature, but rather how large of an audience the super mil-sim crowd actually is. It’s tiny. Most flight simmers want convincing and real feeling, without t
  5. TL;DR - none of us (myself included) are qualified to actually fly any of the modules we fly in game. No amount of coding (that can actually be accomplished for $79) is going to make any of us a “real” pilot. We should stop demanding these excellent developers overcome (through coding) whatever mental baggage we’re carrying on the topic. No, seriously. Read on - My answer will be a highly unpopular one: this question (unfortunately) has a lot more to do with why people answer the way they do, versus anything to with the underlying game, or module. There is a certain subset of users who spe
  6. Thank you for that very thorough explanation, I really appreciate it.
  7. After watching the Syria trailer I am doubling down: it’s the Apache. I know that’s considered blasphemy by most, and I don’t mean to cause any offense by my guess. Last time I made my prognostication others demanded to know what evidence I have. I don’t have any beyond my wild *** guess/hunch. Endlessly entertaining conversation though. I’ve read every page of this thread as it’s developed and enjoy reading all of the very well thought out theories.
  8. Is there an advantage to using LTWS versus TWS, other than the auto IFF once covered by the TDC? I find this mode to be very confusing.
  9. Really appreciate the latest adds, fixes, and tweaks - thank you! I am especially enjoying the new MFD work - everything is much crisper and clearer. Thank you for your continued work!
  10. Ah -ha! Thank you for the info - I hadn't considered the fact that someone can get between me and the intended target and with the right circumstances BECOME the missile's target. Makes perfect sense. Thank you.
  11. I think the mistake we make is assuming there is one airframe that will do it all, everything we want it to. Each airframe has its strengths and weaknesses. Take the Viggen for example - that airframe really only has two missions. Try to dog fight in that airframe and you’ll find that it can be done, but other airframes will eat your lunch. The MiG-29 is an awesome light fighter with a super thrust to weight ratio. You’ll have to play into it’s strengths, which I think are mid to close engagements. You have to leverage its strengths (power, agility) against whatever you’re flying against. Most
  12. Need a bit of help here. Last night I managed to shoot down two friendlies BVR, using Jester and the Phoenix. Obviously completely my fault, but why? I asked for the radar range I wanted (200 - just off the boat PG map), TWS mode and watched Jester interrogate and classify targets as we drove the 150 miles to the SoH. Pick up a flight of six inbound. Rio six shooter follows (me pulling the trigger one after the other) based on the six ranked targets. Six hits, two of whom are friendly. What did I do wrong? Is it possible they weren’t using IFF? Why would Jester classify two bluefor as
  13. Are one of those the aircraft Yeager was involved with?
  14. There is a weird sense of dependence on developer interaction, that's true. I don't think the OP is one of those people though. There is also a real problem with ED over-promising and under-delivering for quite some time. I think we can find common ground without insulting anyone and respecting the different aspects of this wonderful game (including the challenges providing said game) and differing opinions. Wouldn't we really rather shoot missiles at each other or work cooperatively to take down a SAM site than trade barbs here?
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