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  1. (Sorry for the back to back post).....:doh: I have wondered the same thing and was always hesitant to use much, if any saturation. Like you say, could using saturation lead to the inablility of moving control surfaces to their maximum ranges ? :huh: Or perhaps a better question may be.....How much saturation can be used without losing the full range of control surfaces?
  2. Yeppers.....I agree some tuning is very helpful and adjustments may differ depending on taste, and even more so with different joysticks, but most will benefit from adjusting these settings. It allows much better control when making minor adjustments, such as gun attacks, landing and especially refueling. When you need to move control surfaces to the extreme, you just do not need that fine of a control, and a firm pull on the stick will do the job when you do need that fast manuver. I even used similar settings with Falcon (although, it had to be done through the Cougar Control Panel). To put it simply...you will not find yourself over correcting near as often, experimenting is highly suggested! :joystick: I also found it beneficial to tone down the rudder axis too. :thumbup:
  3. Well, I've read differing opinions on this subject, but the only reason I could see for not using auto lase, would be if a different plane or target spotter would be firing the laser, but for all practical purposes (in game anyway) the auto setting should be fine to use. I really can't speak for how well the game is modeled when someone else (wingman) does the lasing for you. However, if you are lasing for someone else, I suppose you would have to fire it manually.
  4. The GBU-38 is not laser guided, but gps guided, so there is not need to lase the target. It won't hurt anything if you do, but it's just not necessary
  5. Better be careful..I found out the hard way. If you continue to use nose wheel steering at high speed, and make a large enough correction, you WILL blow a tire. Since doing that, as soon as I get it pointed straight down the runway, I turn off nose wheel and use the rudder to steer rest of the way down. :smilewink:
  6. Yes, it does take getting used to the habit. I've known the need to hold the button since the first time deploying the weapon and have still forgotten to hold the button down long enough on a few occasions. :doh: One thing I'd like to suggest to the Devs or modders, would be to increase (or create) the sound of the bomb coming of the rail. That would give us an audible cue anyway.
  7. Don't feel bad, I'm still have difficulty getting it to work too. And, as you've said...any help would be appreciated. Maybe someone can post a video on the procedure so we could see if maybe somehow we are missing some steps.
  8. Hehe..I suppose you are right, but fighter or not, it shot my behind down! :D
  9. Hmm....? According to my log following a mission last night, I was shot down by a Su-25.. What made me look, was that I was shot down shortly after takeoff and was not yet near any enemy ground forces.
  10. Nice to know I'm not the only one finding that setting a bit bothersome. Much prefer to MANUALLY set the steerpoints. Works great IF you take out all the targets in a single pass. :music_whistling: .... otherwise, a pain in the ^*@ !
  11. Noticed that when flying a Quick Mission that there is no listing of the flight's callsign and you have to enter the mission editor to get the info. Should'nt this be listed or am I missing something?
  12. If the way Alt+C worked in Black Shark was a bug, it was a wonderful error. Put the same bug in A-10. :thumbup:
  13. Yes, totally agree! This is something I have mentioned in other threads, but does not seem to attract any attention. The Alt+C configuration in Black Shark is far superior. With A-10, the AltC allows pan & zoom, but we lose cockpit click-ability and have to AltC back out to click switches. With BS, using AltC allows pan & zoom while retaining click-ability. I still do not understand why this was not implemented in A-10. Programmers/Developers...Please fix this!
  14. Not sure if this is what he was referring to but....With A-10 you can use AltC to pan and zoom, but lose cockpit click-ability unless you AltC back out. With BS, you can/could use AltC to pan and zoom while still retaining click-ability. I much prefer the BS method and wonder why the change was made. It was so much nicer to be able to use the mouse to quickly view all around the pit and still be able to click switches.
  15. Hell, I can't even get inside the download page! EDIT.....Yea, I'm finally in !!!
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