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  1. If the SA-10 doesn’t have any point defenses, they’re really easy to destroy if you just fly in at low level, pop up under 3 miles, and shoot them with rockets.
  2. The HUD box is just a waypoint to the airfield not the ILS. If you’re making an instrument approach you should still be using the localizer and glide slope indications not just following the HUD box.
  3. I’ve also seen this with the Harrier’s APKWS so it’s not module specific it seems.
  4. Hey Flappie, I think my problem has been fixed. I updated my nvidia drivers today and the couple tests I've tried loading into a MP session have loaded my cockpit in under a minute compared to 5+ minutes before. If it pops up again I'll update this thread but for now the issue seems to be resolved.
  5. Hey Flappie, Don't know how I missed your reply but thanks for taking a look! I'm still having the same problem after the latest patch today. I made sure to try it with a clean repair and even deleted my config file. It's still the same problem with single player loading fine and multiplayer taking a good 5-10 minutes to load my cockpit. One thing I've noticed is that my metashaders2 folder never populates with any files. I don't know if that makes a difference or not.
  6. Looks like there were some changes made in the patch today. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/changelog/openbeta/
  7. Looks like someone else is having the same problem. Track is attached in his original message:
  8. Not a bug. The HUD has a refresh rate for updating the data it receives from the instruments. See the thread below for more info.
  9. Hey Flappie, Here's a copy of my log from an attempt to load into a multiplayer server. Thanks! dcs.log
  10. Cockpits take a long time to load for me since 2.7, usually 5+ minutes. This was not the case for me before the big update. It seems to be a multiplayer problem because all the instant action missions load the cockpit in a reasonable amount of time. Some extra notes: - I have tried deleting all my shaders and it makes no difference. - running a repair and disabling all mods has not had any effects either. - Only the first cockpit to load takes a long time. Loading another cockpit happens quickly BUT if DCS is restarted, the load time is long again.
  11. I noticed that the control sensitivity on takeoff is a lot higher than it used to be, it feels like the axis curves are a lot steeper even though I haven’t changed any of them. Is that related to these issues as well?
  12. Deka did say that if the PAF ever adopted the HMD they would add it in. Here's hoping they can make it a reality!
  13. Good point! I hope we do see some of those upgrades from Deka, it would make an already great module even better!
  14. Is a block 3 even feasible? I'm assuming AESA probably not but the other features maybe?
  15. You need to press and hold the INS AAP button to turn it off to fully reset the system.
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