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  1. Can't figure out how to bind it either. found this.... in LSO_clickable_data.lua but I'm not smart enough to figure out how to get it to bind lements = {} elements["Button_Connector_027R"] = BUTTON(("Cut Lights") ,--[[COMMAND INDEX--]] 2, 27 ) elements["Button_Connector_028R"] = BUTTON(("WaveOff Lights"),--[[COMMAND INDEX--]] 3, 28 ) elements["Button_Connector_034R"] = BUTTON(("Deck On") ,--[[COMMAND INDEX--]] 4, 34 )
  2. Anyone know how I can make the super carrier go into a CASE II recovery? I really need the clouds to stay the same for other aspects of the mission (density 9, 5000ft celling / rain) I can tweak the fog and it will go form Case I to CASE III but no matter what I do I can't get the AI to call out CASE II recovery.
  3. coming in next update. Wags released a youtube video today on it
  4. Jself

    AAR basket

    yep..I want to se the basket flapping around like it does IRL
  5. vCSG-3 is recruiting Tomcat and Hornet pilots/RIOs. We have four full squadrons in our airwing (3 Hornet and 1 Tomcat) with well over 50 active members. We have 2 dedicated servers that run 24hrs and several other member servers available. Each Squadron has 2 training nights a week and most fly casually daily. We're ramping up for deployment soon so we're looking for pilots that already somewhat know their way around the jet. You don't have to be perfect at everything, we still have time to train you up. We have a very active discord and a great group from all walks of life. We currently ha
  6. I noticed the same thing as well. Then the wing lights on the tanker are blinding trying to use NVGs. Nighttime refueling is a cluster right now. I oddest thing is it works sometimes... We did a flight of 3 a couple days ago and 1 had working probe light the other 2 did not.
  7. Is the refueling probe light bugged? My squadron is having issues getting it come on consistently. We’ve tried every combination of external lights switch and day/nite/NVG switch on the right console. Sometimes it comes on and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s off more than it’s on. It will work for some and not others on the same flight. Anyone else having this issue?
  8. I used Onshape. I think with the free accounts, all the projects are public, so you can probably get in there and search for it. If not, PM me your user name and I think I can share it with you. I will warn you ,they are a mess. I was teaching myself CAD along the way and especially those first few panels (DDIs) are not done very well. Way too many sketches/extrudes. I didn't mirror the right side to left before I designed a lot of detail into the right side. There are actually 2 parts studios (One has right and center and the other has all 3 sections, but just the left side is good).
  9. No hand controllers. I scaled the UFC that Brun designed off the buttons I wanted to use, then based everything else off that from the NATOPS fold outs. It does take a little fiddling with the VR center when you first get in to get it positioned right. But once that is set I can usually get close enough to feel the button/knob/switch very quickly with very little feeling around. I typically base it off the DDI Day/night knobs. If I can reach out and those two are in the right place, then I know I'm good to go. The Thrustmaster MFDs are more narrow than the Hornet DDIs, so even if you ge
  10. I had it with the face parallel to the bed (face up). It still didn't turn out great, but out of the 3 ways I tried it, this was the best. The support is a HUGE PITA to remove. I used the experimental Tree support (in CURA) the last time I printed it and it was much easier to remove (still a PITA). I did everything at .2mm layer height. There isn't enough detail in the Z axis of any of the parts to go any smaller than that with layer height
  11. Is anyone else having issues with the first mission?? I can unload every gun round into one of the Su-25s and it won't go down... smoke is flying off it, parts falling off but I can't down it. I've ran it 10 times and I either run out of ammo before downing even 1 or get killed by a heater from the 2nd plane. I've never had a problem with gun kills before. I set up a simple scenario in ME with a single F-18 and an SU-25 and I can down it with 2-3 solid gun bursts easily.
  12. No, I just printed images off the web and put them under a clear plastic sheet... they are convincing though !
  13. paypal is jself1@gmail.com - not necessary, but appreciated
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