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  1. Squadron Name: MVP Discord ID on MVP Discord: [MVP] Mugga Contact Person on Discord ID: [MVP] GLOC Aircraft Selection: F-86F Sabre Squadron Name: MVP Discord ID on MVP Discord: [MVP] G.LOC Contact Person on Discord ID: [MVP] Mugga Aircraft Selection: F-86F Sabre Squadron Name: MVP Discord ID on MVP Discord: [MVP] Bumblebee Contact Person on Discord ID: [MVP] Mugga Aircraft Selection: F-86F Sabre Squadron Name: MVP Discord ID on MVP Discord: [MVP] IndianaShane Contact Person on Discord ID: [MVP] Mugga Aircraft Selection: Mirage 2000
  2. @streakeagle you should come and join us on the MVP Aviation Playground server and do some Sabre formation flying!
  3. Received the manual pipper control box that sits on the top left hand side of cockpit glare shield today and got straight into dismantling it and rigging up the Arduino Mega board. I have to be honest in saying that I cringed a little when cutting out the original factory wiring and removing the old electronics. I am certain that somewhere out there in warbird land, someone is crying with me using this kit for a simulator! Never the less, I got stuck into the tear down and was happy to get the front potentiometer working with DCS BIOS. The 1955 potentiometer works, but we are getting a
  4. @jocko417 yeah no doubt! I'm trawling ebay on a daily basis looking for anything F-86 related. If you come across anything, let me know!
  5. Always run the backup light, which is bottom right hand switch on centre console. Almost never run the sight on the primary light alone. Not sure if this is a DCS bug or what it was like in real life.
  6. F-86F SABRE SIM PIT UPDATE Apologies everyone for the long delay in getting back to you all. Between work, life and the Mugga Virtual Pilot (MVP) community and airshow events we are running, I am a little short on time to sit and document the progress I have been making. The basic plan at this stage is focused on parts acquisition and refurbishment in preparation for the cockpit assembly, so I have been in full swing chasing down original parts for the various parts of the cockpit build. Whilst the acquisition and refurbishment of parts is underway, I am also starting to give s
  7. Does anyone know how to release bombs with this thing?
  8. OK, i am experimenting with this Moose Rescue Helo scripting.... is it possible to spawn the Rescue Helo for a frigate or a custom carrier mod, instead of the ED carriers and tarawa? We are running a mission file that includes three community carrier mods; HMAS Melbourne, L-61 Juan Carlos, HMS Hermes; but I am unable to spawn a Rescue Helo for any of these carriers, although, they are seen by DCS as a 'carrier'.
  9. Anyone looking for fellow F86 Sabre pilots, jump onto the Mugga Virtual Pilot servers. The crew are usually flying across Saturday and Sundays.
  10. Thanks guys, great to see some focus on how awesome the F86 Sabre module is for DCS! Ive searched and I cannot find any other builds online. If anyone from the community has built something, shout out! Picked up a neat original canopy open/close bracket and switch for the sim last night too. Photo attached.
  11. Hey fellow F-86 Sabre pilots, we are kicking off an epic F-86 Sabre Sim Pit build over at the Mugga Virtual Pilot community. For those keen to follow, feel free to jump on our discord (https://discord.gg/NYSgatH) The project will incorporate as many original authentic F-86 Sabre parts, and will be specifically setup for VR use. Meaning, all switches and selectors will work, but there will be no need for working instrumentation. We have already gathered together a decent amount of material, but still lots to come. If there are any other F86 Sabre sim pit builds, we would love to see th
  12. Now we’re talking! ED we need this! Please give the F86 some love at the next update by including centreline exhaust smoke, with red, white and blue colours!
  13. Apologies if this has been touched on before. We have recently formed the Virtual RCAF Golden Hawks and are wondering if there is a way to have the smoke coming out of the exhaust - as in real life - rather than the pink smoke from the HVAR rocket stations? Whilst the HVARS are useful, we would like the shows to have white smoke that is period correct? Any assistance would be helpful.
  14. Not sure if this has been discussed in previous posts.... is there a way to produce airshow smoke form the aircraft exhaust, rather than the two rocket pods on the wings, which are pink? We have recently formed the Virtual RCAF Golden Hawks and we have no airshow smoke for the displays, that is unless you count our black smoke trails! Has anyone addressed this earlier? Is this possible? Thank you in advance.
  15. Outstanding work, they look so damn good!
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