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  1. Anyone looking for fellow F86 Sabre pilots, jump onto the Mugga Virtual Pilot servers. The crew are usually flying across Saturday and Sundays.
  2. Thanks guys, great to see some focus on how awesome the F86 Sabre module is for DCS! Ive searched and I cannot find any other builds online. If anyone from the community has built something, shout out! Picked up a neat original canopy open/close bracket and switch for the sim last night too. Photo attached.
  3. Hey fellow F-86 Sabre pilots, we are kicking off an epic F-86 Sabre Sim Pit build over at the Mugga Virtual Pilot community. For those keen to follow, feel free to jump on our discord (https://discord.gg/NYSgatH) The project will incorporate as many original authentic F-86 Sabre parts, and will be specifically setup for VR use. Meaning, all switches and selectors will work, but there will be no need for working instrumentation. We have already gathered together a decent amount of material, but still lots to come. If there are any other F86 Sabre sim pit builds, we would love to see th
  4. Now we’re talking! ED we need this! Please give the F86 some love at the next update by including centreline exhaust smoke, with red, white and blue colours!
  5. Apologies if this has been touched on before. We have recently formed the Virtual RCAF Golden Hawks and are wondering if there is a way to have the smoke coming out of the exhaust - as in real life - rather than the pink smoke from the HVAR rocket stations? Whilst the HVARS are useful, we would like the shows to have white smoke that is period correct? Any assistance would be helpful.
  6. Not sure if this has been discussed in previous posts.... is there a way to produce airshow smoke form the aircraft exhaust, rather than the two rocket pods on the wings, which are pink? We have recently formed the Virtual RCAF Golden Hawks and we have no airshow smoke for the displays, that is unless you count our black smoke trails! Has anyone addressed this earlier? Is this possible? Thank you in advance.
  7. Outstanding work, they look so damn good!
  8. Rossmum, I will second your comments, they’re spot on. While an older bird, in the hands of a capable pilot, the Mig 21 remains a lethal aggressor that can dish out plenty of punishment. I’ve had many a chuckle as I’ve out turned an enemy human player, dragging them into a slow circling fight, all the while baiting them to their own demise. The key here is ‘capable pilot’ and there’s a massive difference to flying the hornet or f15. However, with the above in mind, the aircraft atm has a broken flight model. It’s currently pitch unstable and has a tendency to wildly oscillate, which t
  9. Just downloaded the upgraded sound files. Thanks enormously NIN, appreciate you going to the effort to help make the Fishbed Great Again! We have formed a Mig21 Formation Display Team called 'Inexplicable' and we have been training on the Aerobatics Online Open Beta server for the past two months. I will get all of our pilots to download and update their sounds so that our promotional videos sound that much more awesome! If any Mig21 driver would like to join us on our Discord, please feel free to add yourself using the following link; https://discord.gg/pRfjWe Introduce
  10. Just downloaded and read through, thank you for posting. Some fantastic insights in that chapter.
  11. Would be great to see you online!
  12. Fellow Mig21 pilots, just a quick heads up that we have formed a Mig21 Formation Display Team called “inexplicable”, which is a reference to the US Air Force Have Donut project. If you haven’t read the report, it’s well worth the read. Our Discord is at: https://discord.gg/WsNYv6 We welcome all Mig21 pilots to come say hi. We often fly the Aerobatics Online Open Beta, along with private servers for intensive training. We have pilots training during USA, UK and Australian time zones and would love to connect with as many of you as possible. Regards, MUGGA
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