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  1. Yeah I've had this bug too multiple times. I've seen the p51 do it too.
  2. Cheers for the help - that was the problem, I can now drop GBUs properly. Thanks for your assistance.
  3. Oh mate I'll have to try that! I definitely use nav rather than ifa and yes I'm cold starting from carrier. I'll give that a try after work this evening. Thanks for your response
  4. Hey everyone. I seem to always have a problem with the hornet dropping bombs in CCRP mode where the bomb fall line is not alligned over the target. If I follow the line it takes me wildly off course and if I fly toward the target I don't get the drop cue. Is this something to do with the ins alignment process? I fly the viper and the harrier and have no problems with CCRP bombing with these.
  5. Yeah, I have the same problem. Troops enter first building and then nothing happens.
  6. Yeah I don't think the patch made it in the ED update. Bought this module months ago and still unable to use it properly
  7. Doesn't look like it's in the latest patch ...
  8. Yeah I have the same issue. Can't turn down the rwr either and the knob appears to make no difference
  9. Has there been any updates to this issue? I bought the aircraft on sale and have not been able to use the radar yet. I did find rolling back nvidia driver helped with the radar lag but it's still not receiving any contacts and is more or less useless at the moment.
  10. I've got the same issue. Just bought it on sale, trying to get more into some cold war scenarios and the radar doesn't pick up anything at all. I've never seen it pick up one target. I also get the massive framerate drop too, which I also get in the viggen when using the radar.
  11. Liveries Before I ask a question I will say that this campaign generator is awesome. Can anyone tell me how to make it so that all liveries are available for any aircraft? I couldn't see anything about it on the Wiki and I'm by no means a moder. The latest update to this generator is great by the way. Makes it simple to create coordinated attacks and really feels like you're planning a bigger operation.
  12. Replugging it in to multiple USB ports and restarting DCS seems to have fixed it. Really annoying though
  13. Hey everyone. I have a Logitech x52 Pro and have been using this for about a year. I have two modifiers programmed on the joystick for left shift and left control. I was using DCS fine with no problems and then I started it up again and my modifiers have disappeared from DCS. They are still the corresponding modifiers in the Logitech control panel but when I go into DCS they just become the generic buttons. I'm starting to pull my hair out as I don't have to have to rebind everything. Has anybody had this issue and found a solution?
  14. I've downloaded the updated source code from Github and replaced the old files with the new ones. Channel map now seems to be working :thumbup::pilotfly:
  15. I found the "phantom" lurking in the axis commands. I think one of the rotator switches is faulty on my joystick so that when the ctrl key is pressed it activated the mixture switch. Deleted this axis command and it's back up and working as it should. Thanks for helping everyone
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