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  1. Starfire13

    F-5E re-WORK

    Thank you! The dial reflections look great!
  2. Starfire13

    F-5E re-WORK

    Hope you're ok now, and thanks for all your work on this but look after your health too!
  3. I've been checking this forum thread every couple of days since July, but there doesn't appear to be any update. Are the fixes still being worked on? Would love to try out Piercing Fury someday.
  4. Hi. Currently playing Hunters Over The Yalu. Noticed that there appears to be some sort of cockpit reflection in place while the canopy is still open, like the glass is in place but the frame isn't?
  5. As you can see here (https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1331327399869744288/D065981671C0A6333B959B387EB6A70590ED37D6/), this is still an issue on the latest open beta ( Briefing says mission is Version C. I got around the issue by racing the Mustang to the taxiway and overtaking him, so he had to wait behind me.
  6. Apache, I was wondering if you might be able to provide the briefings in text format? I started going through them to find the typos, but there are quite a few and it's rather a hassle typing them out manually. If you have it in text, I can just correct it in MS Word with tracked changes, which I think would make things easier for both of us.
  7. I've been really enjoying this campaign and decided to touch up one of my screenshots and make some fan art. https://i.imgur.com/IvGXalq.png
  8. Voice issue on more than one line in Mission 8.6. Playing F-86 and audio says "Hind" even though subtititles correctly state Black Hawk.
  9. I'm on Open Beta. The Su-25 typo is under "SITUATION". It says "Depart and form up on the #3 SU-25". Mission 6 and 7 are both Version C. Mission 8 is Version D.
  10. After flying by and inspecting each of the SU-25s, I realised the lead aircraft was the chap with the missiles. No wonder I was having trouble. I was attacking them from the rear so I was leaving the lead aircraft for last. Once I went after it first, I had no more troubles. The other two really don't put up any fight at all. Shot em all down relatively quickly. I've noticed a number of minor typos in the briefings in earlier missions (off spelt as of, that kinda thing). Once I'm done with the campaign (so I can avoid spoilers), I'll go over the mission briefings in detail and pick out typo
  11. Oh. Only one of them has missiles! I should prioritise that one then and take it out first since I might not have the ammo to down all three. They do take quite a few rounds to bring down, but that's not surprising for an Su-25. Speaking of SU-25s, the briefing text refers to the A-10s I was originally supposed to be providing CAP for as SU-25s. I'm assuming that's an accidental carryover from the Mig-15 version of the briefing?
  12. Hi Apache600, I'm currently on Mission 6. Very atmospheric start to the mission, but I am having troubles with the three SU-25s that are approaching along the coast from Gudauta. I'd probably be able to deal with them if not for the fact that they're firing missiles at me. When I go after one, one of the other two will at some point shove a missile up my tail pipe. After 7 tries, I eventually caved and turned on the Immortal setting. However, the missiles still blow me up even though I have Immortal turned on. Are they supposed to be this deadly?
  13. I tried the rockets and they did not work well at all. So I went back to guns and practiced. After a while, I figured out how much to lead the boats by and it got significantly easier after that. Now I'm on Mission 4. :)
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