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  1. I'm pretty sure the bigger starts with 3 degree pitch up trim by default.
  2. Have you flipped up the safety switch? I can't remember if that's part of the order.
  3. Perhaps the title should have been Wouldn't it be awesome if..... In any case I hoped to spark some discussion. Naturally the course they set to take will be their own.
  4. Variable 'wing' - multi crew. It hits in those two points they have already accomplished. Also it's a relatively modern design for a transport. Which there is really only a handful of ingame . Honestly I asked myself who would do it best and I find the evidence shows heatblur. Was just a whimsical thought but hey if the shoe fits.
  5. I rolled back to 2.5.5 as my performance took a massive hit in the beta. I noticed that I stopped crashing when cycling through GC kneeboard menu in the viggen. have now noticed it crashes again, but I wasn't sure if it had been fixed prior to the update or not. Maybe I just need to get back on beta lol
  6. Ive begun to familiarize myself with 4YA server.
  7. I frequent several servers ,both PVE and PVP, trying to hone this Knife edge module in all its Swedish glory. I find few viggen pilots and fewer yet who like to chat. Im all about getting good in this thing and I do have some success with certain weapons. But does anyone ever coordinate missions or strikes? Any servers out there a particular viggen hot spot?
  8. thank you that sheds some light on the issue. appreciate it.
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