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  1. Can we see if each steerpoint/target/spi is in the LAR before we employ? Sent from my IN2013 using Tapatalk
  2. When you're setting up pre planned steerpoints on top of targets how far apart can you place the targets before you can't immediately change the steerpoint pickle change pickle change etc. In the GR video he has three targets close together and immediately pickles each jdam one after each other. These targets are close together though. How far apart before you would have to wait to pickle on the next steerpoint/target? Sent from my IN2013 using Tapatalk
  3. Hey guys, I'm new to world of SC. I only purchased it to help with mission editing for our new Hornet squadron in our virtual wing. Could someone help me with a DM about the best way to setup SC in mission editor to launch day 2x 4 flights of hornets. Last mission we had a problem of launching and recovering our hornets. Everyone has SC and said it used to work pre 2.7 but I've got no reference as I'm a Viper guy. Looking to start cold on the boat in parking or the equivalent of ramp starting at an airbase cold. Cheers!
  4. @BIGNEWY here are the logs. For some reason when it crashes at the "Mission Load Done" section it hangs and when you ctrl + alt + delete and go task manager you cant select DCS or any other app to close it just goes straight back to the DCS mission load screen and crashes. Only way out for me is to Log out via the ctrl + alt +delete option. Also because of this .crash reports don't seem to be generated just log zip files? Unless you can see within the zips the crash files also? That's over to you sir! Ive also done some further investigation for you. Ive tested this on PG, SY and C
  5. Definitely agree the Viper feels more stable under breaking when landing especially and also when taxiing with a heavier loadout. I'm also seeing new cockpit reflections as well which weren't there before and boy do they look niiiiice with the new clouds and weather. Viper is feeling good!
  6. No probs will add the logs in tomorrow when I'm back in the sim. FYI I'm not running any mods, and I've done a repair of DCS and cleared out the shaders folders as per usual. The majority of crashes seem to come from going out of the ME and then straight into flying the mission. Have tried a different mission in case it was the one I'm working on and it was a case of it being a bugged miz file.
  7. What is going on? Crashes from mission editor after you save and go fly. Crashes when you load single player missions. Crashes trying to get into MP section. Crashes just trying to open game from desktop. Nothing has been changed on my PC either SW, updates or HW and nothing has changed in DCS since 256. I've double checked no mods installed and apart discord in the background which is what I had running on 2.5.6 anyways. Is it something I'm doing or is 2.7 more resource heavy and my system can't handle it? Hopin
  8. Now that idea deserves a pint. Great idea, thanks.
  9. How is this not a bug? What if the SAM site was being transported and was setup 20 mins into your mission time? Or is it a case of the SA page IRL only gets threat rings from ones you know were there BEFORE your mission starts - say due to intel sweeps from drones/satellites etc?
  10. This does work but when it activates you want it to appear in the SA, you dont want it appearing before.
  11. Jeez glad I found this post - I have the same issue. Late Activation set on 3x Sam Sites and they get activated after a 30min flight and you go through a trigger zone. BUT on the ground you can see all the Sam site threat rings on your Viper SA page....
  12. Edit: Excitedly I just checked and the above keeps the sam sites off the sa page altogether even when spawned in from late activation.
  13. Okay so what your saying is all my Sam sites should be ticked LATE ACTIVATION and also HIDDEN ON MAP and then when the flag avtivates one it will become UNHIDDEN and only that will show on the SA page?
  14. Hi guys, Im on PG map making a multiplayer training map. Never seen this one before: I have a series of FLAG START triggers that will spawn different sam sites in different places depending on the flag count. Its a trigger Ive used for years to spawn enemy AI aircraft. Always worked a treat. When having hidden with LATE ACTIVATION on all the sites until the flag ACTIVATES a certain one as per normal I can see every single sam site threat ring on my SA page even when only one is activated and the others are still deactivated. Anyone got any though
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