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  1. It happens when you get disconnected while the game loads....maybe because of long loading time...
  2. I think it was a prob. with Norton Internet security, when I pushed a button in the main menu Flaming Cliffs is trying to connect with a dns server the popup screen did not apear (norton) so i could not go on, the popup screen was "behind" the main menu screen. So i uninstalled....then installed 1.0 run the game...hit a button in the main menu popup screen apears... pressed okay alowing norton to free the port.....exit the game....install 1.1.........and now it works fine.....thank God bob
  3. Oké guys I need your help, Finaly I have my copy of 1.1 ( the cd version) 2, I have uninstalled 1.02 and the Demo...deleted the apropriate folder, and installed lomac clean and after reboot Flaming Cliffs.... Click on shortcut 1.1. Starforce argh...but what the heck...reboot. Click on shortcut 1.1....loading screen....Main menu everything okay I think, until I try to use the main menu buttons, every time I try one the screen apears to freeze (music goes on) and then the comp. freezes 2...I can only use the fly buttons (after I reboot) and thats it, Does anyone of U have a solution 4 this problem or is it a Bug.. greetz bob edit: Problem is solved
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