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  1. ...singing heeeeere we gooooo agaaaaiiiiin.... +1...although by now I think I'm at +4 or +5 on the various request threads... As to the potential tease: I would love it to be so, and have asked in other threads, but suspect it's nothing to get excited about. To me it doesn't look like a tease reveal, just cannon fodder for a player-driven AAA promo. Pity.
  2. I suspect not, but is there anything to read into the Tornado being (I think) the only modern non-flyable in the below, at 2'56'':
  3. *cough* Tornado IDS 80s-90s *cough* I'll see myself out...
  4. Ah, found a version which permits embedding: High-rez version here. A GR.1 of the Tri-National Tornado Training Establishment, RAF Cottesmore, 1994. That one, please
  5. Good of you to say. We all are (despite the impression some try to give...), but it's rarely acknowledged. All that can be said with any certainty is that we're all HB fans, and despite the recent announcement of a new flyable we're looking at future releases like a greedy kid holding a Christmas present in one hand whilst reaching for the next box under the tree... Hopefully HB see the compliment
  6. Everyone has weird ways of spelling PANAVIA Tornado IDS More top comms @IronMike, thanks.
  7. https://www.airliners.net/photo/UK-Air-Force/Panavia-Tornado-GR1/2135131 Half Viggen, half F-14. What could be more Heatblur, or fit better the single bit of info we have about a new module: that it makes use of HB-developed tech. That is all
  8. F'sake, just deleted the important bit. Briefly: Thanks for the update @IronMike, and good luck to you and all at the new enlarged Heatblur. Maintaining focus and attention to detail, those hallmarks of HB modules, will be difficult; but the potential gains will be felt (and should be loudly praised) by the community. Each HB release raises the bar for immersion in a combat flight sim, and I look forward to seeing that trend continue over a long and profitable future. Nicely done on the roadmap - clear, informative and plenty of pretty pictures Well, it is th
  9. Interestingly, the Phoenix is explicitly mentioned in the interview...as a total non-issue. There wasn't much detail, but the question is raised and answered. I make no defence of the aircraft as a warfighting machine, just note that there is more scope for an engaging (eg) DCS module than I had previously realised But, yeah, IDS/GR.1 please!
  10. Okay, so nobody wants an ADV but this is a tantalising glimpse into what an F3 in a DCS environment could look like: TL;Didn't Bother Watching (shame on you): F-14 BVR parity-advantage, ACM disadvantage F-15 BVR parity-disadvantage, ACM run away F-16 BVR is there anybody there? ACM don't turn up. Overall? Sounds great! Disadvantage doesn't mean suicide, and successes were had all round with the watchwords "guile and cunning". This is where it could become interesting, and fun. A well-scripted campaign, or well organised onlin
  11. Not for me, but I thought I'd share some Tornados that others might want. A little something for the paintshop crews: ... (Wiki commons, embedding permitted) ...although the best look for a Tonka will always be: A low flying RAF Panavia Tornado aircraft, taking part in the NATO exercise Operation Mallet Blow, over the Otterburn range in Northumberland. 3rd August, 1987. (Photo by NCJ Archive/Mirrorpix/Getty Images, embedding permitted) Come on, we know how I feel about this thread not being somewhere on the front page...
  12. Not just you @Toga10! Another Tonka thread...oh well, that won't stop us piling on in to show support Late GR1, (GW1 mods) would be the sweet spot for me - it's the most involved (and therefore fun) for pilot and navigator - and remains true to what DCS really is* - so would be my dream. *A late Cold War Simulator (c.1980-1990). It's where the simulator shines, and the Tornado sits right slap bang in terms of ethos and capabilites. Anyway... As to how likely...who knows. There's always been a strong crowd for the Tornado historically, and more recently a
  13. Any news is most exciting from you guys! Wishing all at Heatblur a happy, healthy and productive 2021... ...and I look forward to finding out what you have to share with us as and when it's time.
  14. Of course Wags isn't saying that a Tornado is on the way but nor is he saying that it's impossible, which seems to be the assumption here. Who would have thought that a Eurofighter would ever be cleared for a "study-level" sim? Who knows what concessions have had to be made to fidelity, but the point for Eurofighter fans is that there's one on the way. Is it so outlandish to hope that Tornado fans (there's a lot of us, and we're noisy ) may one day get the same? Congrats to Heatblur for grabbing the top two spots on the recent Grim Reapers top DCS modules list/video. The reason?
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