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  1. La ED ha già comunicato che la prima implementazione sarà senza Radar. Poi la comunicazione DL era/sarà comunque presente, come lo era nell' AH-64A, nel Ka-50 ecc Poi, parere personale, pilotare un mezzo troppo capace, dopo un po', ha sempre annoiato.
  2. Il Radar non va visto come equipaggiamento standard, in una formazione solitamente lo porta un solo elicottero, pagando il prezzo in carburante e/o carico bellico. Poi tramite DL distribuisce le informazioni agli altri elementi della formazione.
  3. Ask to Jester to select the Ground ordinance via pilons address, and then ask to jettison the ordinance previously selected
  4. To let the 3D NS430 to work on the Gazelle you need to buy this module too https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/it/shop/modules/ns430_sa342/
  5. Probably Ciribob it's at work on SRS intercom for UH-1H. Udate is coming
  6. The bug is present in Persian Gulf also https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/235879-reportedndb-in-lua/?tab=comments#comment-4326778
  7. Tecnically yes but not linked to an actual infantry load
  8. There is a "smart" method to use these skins without editing, one by one, every single unit in the scenery?
  9. In the Mission Editor. Select the object, then in the weapons tab, you can select the livery/skin
  10. For exhaust ka-50_ewu-paint.dds in Bazar\World\textures\Ka-50_general.zip
  11. @Holton181 Yes my fault I use a modified version of your mod, but enabled to use the middle mouse button and, in some of the latest patch, this button stopped to be available. Changing mouse button (4 or 5) and the mod back to work as it should
  12. As the title say, the flashlight has disappeared from the controlls settings
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