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  1. Maybe you should wait till the Pimax 8KX comes out. The 5K+ has a much bigger FOV, but the reverb will have it beat in resolution. The 8KX will have both high resolution and large FOV. However with the current Corona virus situation I doubt any VR Headset manufactured in China will be available in any great supply for some time to come.
  2. why are you disappointed in the Reverb? No one can answer what you should get if we don't know that.
  3. yes they work with the 1.0 base stations. That is what I have. I don't think they would effect performance, just possible tracking. The 1.0 devices work great for me, track my head movements just fine. Higher FOV is noticeably, not sure what seated only has to do with it? I came from a Oculus Rift CV1 and it was a big difference for me.
  4. just a crazy idea. I wonder if vorpx would work. You could use a mode like cinema mode and maybe have head tracking. I'd post over at the vorpx forum and ask if its possible.
  5. You mean like Virtual Desktop? Almost like playing on a really big screen? Oops. sorry you'd lose the 6DOF.
  6. just a guess but do you need to specify an executable to run the wav file? "wavplayer.exe D:\\DCS_Device_Profiles\\Common_Files\\TARGET_DOWN_Layer.wav""); I have no experience in "Target" however as a software developer it makes sense.
  7. Good grief, I am not paid to promote Pi-Max. I just shared a link guys! Just like I'm sure anyone else would for Reverb FPS result or Index Results. Yes I do own a Pimax 5K+ and am happy with it. I'm excited about new VR tech coming out as I thought others would be as well. I am a mostly casual gamer and like VR for the feeling of being there.
  8. for f@Ck sakes I just put up a link. Talk about special snowflakes. Okay you got me I'm actually an alien from the planet Putar and my posts are designed to make it easier for our plans for world domination..... sigh........
  9. What the heck is that supposed to mean? Sorry I didn't know you were the arbiter of what someone new can post about? I guess I missed the memo.
  10. Sweviver does a bunch of benchmarks including DCS. (closer to end of the vid) Enjoy!
  11. I have a Pimax 5K+. I'm very happy with it and have seen a steady improvement in the fps, due to improvements in software - including Pi-Tools. The Deluxe Audio strap is a must though. However its easy to get and really easy to install.
  12. Maybe the address is wrong somehow? I sent something to an incorrect address once, and tried to get it recalled. No such luck with Canada Post. You may have to wait until it goes back to sender. Not that I'm an expert on mail. However I do live in Canada.
  13. I'd like to be added to the list also please.
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