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  1. Are there any pre-made missions where you're all set up and just about to make that final turn, or heading in just after the final turn? This is the last little part I need to master for carrier landings, I'd like to get right in without having to do all the setup beforehand.
  2. Mods: any chance to move this into to the general Controller Profiles forum? I just realised I posted it into this A-10 one accidentally.
  3. So I did some more testing in Windows Controller Settings, and worked out that the left throttle is about 5% ahead of the right from the very start. Did some more reading and found an application called DIView and adjusted the calibration of the left and right throttles to roughly match. Worked well, but for some reason my entire DCS HOTAS profile got wiped (might have been because I reinstalled the X56 drivers and software in an attempt to reset the settings), so spent a good while setting up my profile again. Luckily I have it printed out next to me. Tested it all out
  4. Wonder if anyone else has this problem with their X-56 throttles. When throttles are joined by pushing in the slider clip on the side of the throttle, the left and right throttle input in DCS is even. However, when I split the throttles by pulling the clip out, the input is not even. That is, when the throttles are flush next to each other, the power of the engines are slightly offset which causes my plane to tilt. I tested this in the Axis Command control options and found something very strange. When the throttles are joined together, the input indicator bars for right and left m
  5. Hey Stearmandriver, tried it a few more times and yeah 30 degree bank angle works. Thanks. Dunno what I was doing all the other times where I stuffed it up, I think the bank angle was probably all over the place, but when I keep it right on 30 degrees from the break it lines up perfectly. Thanks again!
  6. Good news everyone. Thanks to all your advice I can now do a VFR landing on land every time no sweat, and land on a carrier probably one every three times. I think the biggest hurdle I have now is the final turn, all the instructions say 30 degree bank angle, but when I do that I tend to overshoot. The good carrier landings that I have done tended to have been when I've done a 45 degree bank angle. I'm pretty sure I'm the right distance from the carrier - on the DDI my left wing tip just touches the course line, so I can't work out what's making me overshoot so much. In
  7. Well I played around with trim and the VV, it was actually quite easy. It seems all I need to do is trim the VV onto the E bracket and it kind of just stays there. I had thought that you were supposed to be trimming the thing the whole time. Apparently not. Getting better with the turns too, although still not very stable. The hardest turn is the final "30 degree" turn to come to the runway at 300ft AGL. But I find that a little power before the turn keeps me from sinking during the turn, and reducing power just before straightening out prevents ballooning.
  8. Thanks for all your responses. Yes, my intention is to land it properly using the trim function etc. I think for the next little while I'll just do some higher altitude flying to get a better feel for trimming, banking, turning and getting the VV onto the E bracket. Then practice some straight in landings.
  9. I think I've tried 100 times to do a VFR landing now, and almost every time I bounce around like a yo-yo and inevitably crash. I've watched videos like one dozens of times too to try and understand it, but my plane just never seems to stay at the speed or altitude or AoA it's supposed to be at. These are all the things that go wrong: At the left turn on the upwind leg when I try to pull 1% of speed, I can't even keep my velocity vector at the horizon line, I either gain or lose altitude rapidly. I guess I don't really know how to use the stick properly. After the left turn and when I've go
  10. Thanks for your replies, especially Bunny Clark. I think I understand the basics now. Yes, "fidelity" was not the right term regards the RWS. So the radar does show the exact location of the contact immediately after a return is received, but since RWS scans over a wider volume of space the exact location of the contact will inevitably move to a position too far beyond the last displayed position to provide accurate missile guidance. Of course you can limit the volume of space by changing the azimuth and bar settings, thus displaying a more accurate positional information on the DDI, but we
  11. Trying to get my head around this radar and the various functions is doing my head in. Here's a short little write-up based on my understanding, wondering if people can correct me where I'm wrong and respond to my questions? So there are four "main" modes, being: BVR for outside 10nm and is the default when you display the radar first time; ACM for dogfighting within 10nm; STT which for any kind of range but used to get a good shot off; and AACQ which just puts the radar into STT the moment it detects a target. For AACQ you hit right on the SCS. BVR BVR consists of two "sub" modes, RWS
  12. I have RAlt + \ for (Comm 1) and RCtl + \ (Comm 2) mapped to two HOTAS switches, so when I push either the radio options come appear and I click to the friendly I want to communicate with. I think it might be a mistake in the briefing notes for the 'Mission' version of 1989 Alert 5. When I click on the E-2 in Mission Planner it says frequency 251. In fact all the aircraft are on 251. But the briefing says Player Flight on 305 and AWACS / Strike Package on 264. In contrast, when you open the Hornet 1989 Campaign and fly the first mission, which is the same 1989 Alert 5, the frequency for
  13. I'm running the 1989 Alert 5 mission with Easy Comms turned off. According to the mission brief the AWACS (Wizard) is on Chan 2 (264). I've set Comms 1 to that channel and ask the AWACS for bogey dope, but not getting a response. I tried it on Comms 2 and also did a manual input also. When I turn Easy Comms back on and ask the AWACS for bogey dope, he's appearing on manual freq 251. Turn Easy Comms back off again and manually tune one of the radios to 251, low and behold Wizard is talking to me again. Not sure what's going on here - a problem with the info in the briefing or something
  14. I didn't realise you could call inbound and get the runway number, I was just choosing one arbitrarily from the F10 map. Thanks mate!
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