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  1. That's because, as it is, this mod is the FSX Tim "Piglet" Conrad version, made to work in DCS.
  2. That Sabre, 658. I've worked on it IRL.
  3. I did some time with the Mitchell, as well. Reason I chose the Invader over the Mitchell is that the Invader usually has a crew of 3 or 4 (dependent upon the mission), whereas the Mitchell has a crew of 5 or 6 (also dependent upon the mission). Would probably make it easier to code.
  4. "Other than my home state, I don't know of any other location in the world where 2 A-26's (specifically a 'B' and a 'K' as you mentioned) are maintained/hangared within a short drive of each other" I was in Texas, at the time. Kind of narrows it down.
  5. With the upcoming Mosquito module from ED, I was wondering if anyone else was interested in seeing the Douglas A-26 Invader series of bomber come to DCS. As someone who worked as a volunteer at a flying museum that currently operates an A-26B Invader and a B-26K Counter Invader, I would personally love to see this light bomber in DCS.
  6. First flight was uneventful. Ran clean, took her up to 50k, Mach 1.8, then landed back at Nellis AFB
  7. http://helijah.free.fr/flightgear/les-appareils/a26/appareil.htm Not gonna lie, I kind of wish we had this in DCS.
  8. dcs.log I think this is the right log
  9. I did all that, and it still doesn't work. It's AI only for me. :(
  10. I tried the 1.5 version. It still won’t let me fly it. Is there a detailed installation instruction you can give me? I’m a simpleton when it comes to installing things. I run DCS 2.5.6.
  11. Is this currently flyable? I downloaded and installed it, but it won't let me fly it.
  12. I, too, am very much looking forward to this aircraft in DCS, as REDFOR is something I prefer for semi-modern jets. Hope this all comes to fruition in time. Regards, VFMFlyer
  13. VFMFlyer

    EDGE 340 Mod

    I downloaded the 540, but the only files for it were texture files. Nothing else.
  14. Will the Su-7 get its own virtual cockpit, or are we stuck with the Su-25 vc for now? Regards, VFMFlyer.
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