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  1. The thing is even when AI leaves em on in combat, not sure if AI (enemy and friendlies) really care. But I find it odd, going into combat areas with them on. .
  2. Do not know where to put this, or this can be a stupid question. But is it normal to go into combat with Anti-collision lights, or any flashing lights on where the enemy can notice, see you? I noticed no one turns them off in You tube videos, and watching twitch, even AI keeps them on. When in combat or mission. I turn them off to put out more realism, then when in safe area, I turn them back on.
  3. What I really will enjoy, is flying with a group of friends (up to 10 guys), inside a B-17, watching out for enemy fighters to do a mission. Will this ever be made, or thought of? Is that to much? To complicated? One of my dreams for MP. Anyone heard of Barrel bombing on Dams using Avro Lancaster. That will be some challenging simulation.
  4. Yes, all fixed. Was charged twice. All getting fixed. I wasn't aware I was charged twice.
  5. Okay, it is really embarrassing taking your own credit card to a store, and finding out.."Declined". Then realizing I was charged $75 for the F15c, and another $75 for Combined Arms. How in the world? But my receipt shows $40 for CA, and $15 for F15, which is in total about $55. Something is really f-ed up. Not sure to purchase on here anymore.
  6. Wow...just that bit looks like a lot of work. The night vision view. Wonder if you got AA guns, just firing into the air, hoping to hit something. That is what I was thinking in the first gulf war. The AA guys were told to just fire into the air (not aiming). Will get lucky. Was working on a mission like Desert Storm. Day 1: As a A10c (player), Start up, take off, and then flight (waypoints with names), each about 15-20 mins. While flying, Tomahawks/cruise missiles are being fired onto a city (largest on map), and some aircraft's, like Stealth bombers including F117 and other bombing aircra
  7. Noticed the F-15c been in Beta since 2014, and it is now 2020. Will the F-15c ever be completed? What is the hold up? Will the cockpit be clickable?
  8. Dunno if this is a good place to write this. But with this "Corona Virus" going around the world. I thought of a making a mission, like the movie "Out Break", but using more aircraft's. A whole city or two, or more (large cities), with the outbreak, and the cities have to be destroyed to contain this virus. But then with soldiers wearing bio suites, or gas masks (flamers) to go in last, to make sure all is destroyed. But then their will be defenders. Helicopter chase, and then the bombings. If anyone looking for a mission idea. Their ya go. ^^
  9. ^ Agree. Guess it is the only choice for now. Just curious if anyone made a mission like this video 0:30 mark. . By using Tomahawk cruise missiles from warships, Stealth fighters, bombers, and on "Caucasus region that includes south western Russia and Georgia." map? In Jane's USAF they did, the Iraq (desert storm) campaign.
  10. Yeah, would be nice. I was watching this, and imagined this in DCS (A10c) mission. Can hear the ground forces (and background gun fire).
  11. Where do you go to put mission ideas? In my younger days, yeah playing Operation Flash point, and Resistance I do recall making missions and each would take about four to six months to perfect it. That is all the planning, intro, and make sure all is okay. I would get 4/5 out of 5 stars, out of em (all 4 of em). I did have sleepless weekends and tiring mornings. Scripts, sound files, way-points, triggers. Now, can not find any of those missions online anywhere. And these were flying missions. Now when I try to make a mission, now in DCS I get tired after placing stuff. Did one and it took
  12. All I am seeing in all F16, F18 YT videos, is the helmet with a sun visor when needed, can get darker if to bright, and then added nv goggles (attachment) for night missions. Their can be a hud in the visor, but it shows a diamond in center of grid. Top right is height, speed. No ladder, and some other info. Their is one for heli pilots, but used on right eye for targeting and more info. They have real footage of it in use, and been around for decades for recording. BMS, Falcon 4.0, and DCS world have it way more advanced than it really is, and they all show differently (made up). Unless a rea
  13. Okay, does exist, but not as advanced that they show in DCS. I am not able to find any video footage of JHMCS in action. Most footage (and very advanced) is from DCS, and the new technology on the F-35 Might find some footage on this video (maybe). But it is very low tech, but added to the helmet.
  14. But not a real thing. Noticed while looking on internet, they are just bringing this new technology out for the F-35. But in DCS it is a added feature?
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