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  1. well if you want to get rid of the decimals use a lua function like:- math.tointeger math.floor math.ceil
  2. I think having a second shortcut is easier myself.
  3. Hi, I'm running DCS in VR. I am however finding that CA is broken in VR and the Mission editor is too hard to use. Is there a way to launch DCS in non VR without constantly changing settings?.
  4. In what way is it unplayable in VR?. I've been having a blast with it in VR
  5. Well isn't that nice for you... Well some of us are not getting those transfer rates. I am now well over 30 hours for 10gb of a 35gb download. This is not acceptable.
  6. Me too... it's really frustrating. 30 hrs downloading for 9.5gb
  7. It's a DCS issue in general not a JF17 specific issue.
  8. Can you get them to hit anything?. My experience with them is they just do their own thing and go nowhere near the target.
  9. Maybe ship aspect has some factor in it. Try coming in from the side.
  10. AFAIK SEA1 is for stationary and moving targets. SEA2 is only moving targets. My experience is that ability to lock depends on the speed and size of a vessel.
  11. Diamond is your SPI / waypoint and can't be moved AFAIK
  12. What mode of radar?. If you are talking about Ground radar then it defaults to map. If you are looking for ground targets you need to be in GMTI mode which will only flag moving vehicles. I don't think there is a GM mode to show stationary objects.
  13. Using ground radar and Tpod causes flashing when you narrow scan arc If you have the TPOD open on one of your MFDs and Ground radar on another if you narrow the radar scan arc the radar MFD starts flashing between radar and a full colour TPOD view (TPOD mounted on center pylon in case that matters).
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