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    Yeah same here and I may do the same.
  2. Question, So you say they click in nice but if I were to take them off do they come off fairly easy? Mine are on it's way and super excited to try them out.
  3. Burt


    Wait so is fpsvr considered gpu monitoring tool ? I always have that running with my G2.
  4. Burt


    I run Msi Afterburner in the background with no issues. Will test without it running this evening kinda makes sense.
  5. Burt


    Does window game mode have to be enable for the so called windows game fixes. I have it disabled from day one as I heard that’s the thing to do… disable it.
  6. Burt


    Yup that 471.11 driver is actually running great and smooth so much that I’m bumped my SteamVR SS to 100% from 80. Fantastic !
  7. IronMike from HeatBlur said it was a E D issue on their side so patiently waiting. " Posted 11 hours ago ED is aware (so have we been), and has been working on a fix (and thought to have fixed it for the last patch) since before last patch. You will not see a changelog entry in our changelog for this if it gets fixed, because it is on DCS side, not ours. Why it concerns only the Tomcat (it concerned also other modules before ED's first fix), we do not know, but 100% is not on our side. Our apologies that it is still occurring, we hoped it would be gone with the last patch. "
  8. Appreciated it IronMike, they told us weeks ago to bring the issue here to Heatblur so thats good to know now that it is E D's side and hopefully it gets fixed because it's so frustrating especially when its the best Mod in the hanger. Cheers !
  9. First time getting this message with SteamVR , I was still able to get around it and fly alittle tonight tho. Has anybody got this ERROR ?
  10. Just ordered ! Thanks C3PO and everyone else. Gonna use the VRWAVES as a paper weight.
  11. Yeah today is really bad. Like Jester would say when trying to respawn “unable”
  12. Hey CommandT there’s a lot better answers you’ll get in the Input and Output Virtual Realty section. There is a vrwave product that is thinner to bring your eyes closer. I haven’t done any mods to my G2 yet. check this guy out https://youtu.be/07QUO03YWuo
  13. Are you able to slide your headset up to look at keyboard or screen without it scraping your head? I bought the VRWave lenses months ago and didn’t like how bulky they were and how they tend to fall off the lense as well. I should of went with VROtical because I like how they got like a cup attachment to them. Also the lenses kinda scrape my nose bridge. I may think about forking up the $$$ for this brand they seem to have a better low profile look to them too. The VR Wave brand are like square looking and you have to press them in like really hard for them to attach right, that I didn’t like about them. And yes I made sure they were the right side too, they were just bulky.
  14. Burt

    VR zoom

    Lol I wish we are able to zoom slow like 2d. What I do is close my eyes right before I go into both zooms it helps little. But, it’s something my brain got use too know because it doesn’t bother me that much now. Been in VR for about 6 months now.
  15. Ok so yesterday got the huge update and when DCS finish loading and on the main page I restarted. Then, Went to Mission Editor and created a Syria mission around Cypress Island which is beautiful especially around the cliffs. I had no freeze issues with the Tomcat last night after several quit and fly again attempts. I would say about 5 or 6 times with no issue. I have not tried the other maps/missions that I have been getting the freeze yet but will this evening.
  16. What can we expect in the future Flight Model changes for the Viper in the next few updates, does anybody know anything about whats brewing ? Thanks
  17. Wow Huge update! But nothing on the freeze. Has anybody try with the new patch?
  18. I was in a crowded bfm server last night and was able to squeeze into a arena after waiting several mins. Finally I was fighting with another pilot. I was in the Tomcat and got 2 good fights in and then the 3rd one froze, had to restart DCS - Multiplayer took about 3-5 mins. And tried to get back in that slot but was immediately taken. So frustrating ! I apologized to the pilot that I had a Tomcat Crash/Freeze and he said yeah that’s why he/she doesn’t fly it at the moment until they fix the issue. Is it possible to get a timeframe on when this will be fixed? Because right now it’s NON-RFI
  19. Alt-Tab to another open window then click window key +y then tab to DCS window.
  20. If we can only run our HDM in 2d mode like them cats at MSFS do in a video posted last week it would be golden. But for now we just got to take what it gives us. My G2 looks great but yeah the cloud could look a hellavah lot better.
  21. Possible routing issue, it just loses connection somewhere somehow. I can fly 5 different jet in the same mission all day but as soon as I choose the TomCat it loads and then freezes.
  22. Hopefully the fix will be in the next patch. Somethings off balanced because the last patch fixed the crash issue so it might be a coding issue on their part. Love the Tomcat but hate the freeze.
  23. I think you can also go to your power management advance settings and select a high performance mode. Name a custom profile called DCS high performance so the cpu doesn’t throttle. I’m not 100% sure with your system but with mine that’s what I do.
  24. WMR beta not right , no crashing just a lot of shuddering …switching back.
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