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  1. Hopefully the fix will be in the next patch. Somethings off balanced because the last patch fixed the crash issue so it might be a coding issue on their part. Love the Tomcat but hate the freeze.
  2. I think you can also go to your power management advance settings and select a high performance mode. Name a custom profile called DCS high performance so the cpu doesn’t throttle. I’m not 100% sure with your system but with mine that’s what I do.
  3. WMR beta not right , no crashing just a lot of shuddering …switching back.
  4. How embarrassing ! I didn't have " Show Advanced Settings " Goofy nuts me.
  5. Gonna Try to run WMR beta again this evening.
  6. I'm alittle behind on the SteamVR/WMR stuff been flying 2D and want to get back into my G2. The last thing I did was opt out of WMR beta a few weeks ago and I noticed last night that a few setting were missing in the Video Setting which was the FOV and OverRide World Scale, did they take it out of steam? Is everyone still not using WMR beta.
  7. Oh wow! yeah thats bad, I hope so too. Iread they are aware of it so thats a good start.
  8. Gotcha , so I guess I’ll try to uninstall and reinstall the Tomcat never did this before so I’ll do some research on how to.. thx.
  9. I never have to restart pc I just have to go to task manager and end task which says DCS not responding. It’s definitely a bug. I’m sure it will get fixed… hopefully soon because it’s my main jet.
  10. As I'm flying other Mods in a mission or even Multiplayer BFM Server, when I switch to Tomcat screen freezes with no crash file. In VR I must go to Task Manager to end Task. I see there is a another thread about the freeze but when changing to Rio so I wanted to post this issue as non Rio freeze with Tomcat. Happens quit often for me but every other mod/game crash has been fixed with latest update/patch. I haven't been freezing while flying and completing the mission just when I restart mission with and only with the Tomcat. Thanks.
  11. How could that be a GPU Driver issue when its just crashing/freezing in the Tomcat? Just a friendly question. Thanks
  12. I don’t know about this new Technology but I have added DCS to their list. https://explore.amd.com/en/technologies/radeon-software-fidelityfx-super-resolution/survey suppose to be new stuff about out gaming world graphics and performance.
  13. Thanks for checking the Tomcat freeze for us it my favorite mod for sure. I just came home from work and jumped in the a single mission practice session I was able to get 2 in and then it froze and had to wait about 3 mins to close program. Last weekend when it would freeze I would go straight into task Manger and end program. Not so much in a bfm server but it does happen in there also. Im sure the team will the cause. Thanks for the hard work and fantastic Jet! Love the hell out of that Tomcat !
  14. Every once in awhile I’ll get that Tomcat freeze too. But not all the time. In a multiplayer, not that often as single player.
  15. Yup same here hardly ever use them but when I do for setting purposes never had a crash with them hitting that windows button.
  16. Nothing to do with my stuff: [RTX 20 series][GTX 16/10 series][HDMI] 4K @ 120Hz display mode is not available from display settings [3312401] If GPU is connected to a 4K UHD TV, system may freeze when launching a VR game [3313315] But I might as well too if I start getting that message error, Thanks !
  17. I got a message yesterday when I booted up Steamvr that said gpu error and need to update nvidia driver that had a link to it. I’m running NV driver 466.47, so does it want me to upgrade the the hotfix driver ? 466.57 I never did a hotfix driver before. I played without downloading it with no probs.
  18. Also Great job on those steady clouds too, my G2/VR/DCS/SinglePlayer/Multiplayer is just pure awesome ! Great performance too. Well Done. Cheers !
  19. Confirmed fix on my side, no Crashing especially in the Tomcat. Good job team ! Good work. Thanks
  20. I may fake sick and home and update. With me it was any mission with the Tomcat mostly single player missions especially the Syria Dogfight?BFM with the eagle, I love that one. Ah man my stomach hurts !
  21. Awesome can’t wIt to get home a get the update. How about the Tomcat ? As all my issues was in the Tomcat only after quit and Fly again single mission crash.
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