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  1. Iron Mike said it’s not on their side it’s an E D issue. That was weeks ago.
  2. Try this. If you have any monitoring software running in the background disable it, msi afterburner or fpsvr ect shut it down and test the tomcat. I did this over the weekend and fly/ fight with the Tomcat many many hours both single and mainly multiplayer and I did not have a freeze crash. It wouldnt hurt to try. Or maybe I just got lucky. Good luck
  3. Yeah I haven’t had any problems all day with the Tomcat by shutting down both of these programs… weird but I’ll take it ! restarted/respawn in both single and multiplayer all day no freeze/crash
  4. I maybe getting lucky but yesterday I have been starting DCS/SteamVR with no monitoring software running in the background MSI/AF and FPSVR. Last night I had no issue.
  5. There’s not one about repairing Tomcat issue by uninstall then reinstalling. I’ll try and search again. Also Individual mod repair/ more repair options
  6. That’s true but if I had to flip a coin right now for Vulcan or a Tomcat freeze issue I would pick the Tomcat fix.
  7. Yes I will have agree thanks I appreciate it. Awesome pedals ! So happy !
  8. I did the Calibration but seems that I had to invert the pedals in the viper and Tomcat, do you think I need to calibrate again?
  9. Oh thank you I just got them unboxed and hooked up will check the calibration it seems to work in windows but will take your advice thanks!
  10. Also it would be nice if we could do individual mod repairs. That would be a nice feature, better then coconut trees.
  11. Has anybody tried this to fix the freeze/crash issue with the Tomcat ? Trying to use my best jet to dogfight is getting out of hand … really !
  12. I know how to do the basic Red and Blue side but would like to know how to have a few different areas in the map like the basic Dogfight BFM servers.
  13. I set my rad fan to 50% manually. Def bump your fans up if your water cooled or even not… get the fan going !
  14. OmG ! Looks like futuristic jets.
  15. Will try that tonight in Mobettas DCS dogfight server … thanks
  16. Well I made the jump for better rudder pedals and got the TM TPR’s I already have the latest Thrustmaster Wathog Hotas drivers and was wondering if I have to do a reinstall to add the TPR pedals on board.
  17. Performance reminds me of when the super carrier came out, it was awesome but the performance was lacking as well as Syria. The congestion is like having an asthma attack. But I sure do appreciate the free map and the shoreline and reef is spectacular ! I hope it smoothes out in time.
  18. Burt


    That is weird. I think so far that the 471.11 NV Driver is the best one that I have installed it seems like its alot smoother than the past few. Do you have your textures in NVidia CP on performance? I wonder if that would of help along with a GSYN setting. I tried to enable HAGS the other day and man it ran funky so I disabled it again, I thought maybe with the last few Windows updates that it could help in any way but it didn't. But hey if that drivers works ... fly with it !
  19. Disregard … lol ! I just noticed this. I usually don’t look around in there But yeah missing nose cone and canopy haha ! Not a big deal tho for me as I don’t spend to much time in the hanger.
  20. Yikes ! Not an issue on my side as of yesterday evening.
  21. I bought the Tomcat last year for about $55 and it’s worth very penny. But save and think about because right it doesn’t work properly and ain’t worth the money. It’s not Heatblurs fault and hopeful E D will get it fixed. But it is the best mod in my opinion.
  22. Have you tried just running everything stock? No overclocking or undervolting?
  23. Are you flying the Tomcat ? If your freezing or crashing mostly likely it’s a Tomcat issue on E D side.
  24. Yup these vroptican lenses are a way better fit for the G2 imho. Still I can not just slide the headset up I have to pull out alittle then lift up but they are great and I like how they SNAP in , the VRwaves don’t snap in like that. great product ! And fast fast to USA. ich liebe dich VRoptican!!!!
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