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  1. Just a question are you running monitoring software in the background? I use to run msi-afterburner-fpsvr and steam while running the DCS. I noticed a big improvement with my rig when just starting DCS , everything’s loads automatic. steamvr beta-wmr and then dcs. I don’t know what changed or maybe I was doing all wrong but I have been starting DCS like for a couple of months now and it just runs so smooth. As I said I don’t have any monitoring software running in the background only when an update comes out I will run Steam and fpsvr to check the graph and numbers.
  2. Smooth sailing on my rig. Also running the new nvidia driver too. I do see a few graphic bugs here and there. But no spiking going on with fpsvr which I always run after updates but don’t really use it anymore being that my tweaking is finally done.
  3. Maybe shutting down windows notification feature. As said above it also could be wmr beta, I went back to wmr non beta a month ago because I all of a sudden it started being unstable and it helped opting out of wmr beta.I’m still on steamvr beta. Definitely order you the new Rev. 2 cable too.
  4. I Alt + Tab alot , when I lose the mouse/ windows out of focus< I ALT-Tab twice and usually comes back. But yeah its alittle aggrevating but just gotta take what it gives you. MSFS is having alot of issues too so not much of a perfect VR world yet in DCS ... But yeah they fixed alot and especially the Tomcat Freeze so I'm happy for what it is now I can live and enjoy it as I have no futher issues with DCS/G2 I'm getting great, smooth performance. Good enough for me. But yeah I hope the mouse issue gets fixed which I'm sure it will.
  5. Rgr confirmed got home from work went straight for my rig and booted it up got a beer came back held button down for 3 second and HP light powered off. Thank Sr. !
  6. I noticed last night when I was done flying and about to shut down is that when I hit the new power button the headset light didn’t go off. I was in a hurry so I just shut my rig down. I was wondering if ya gotta hold the button down for a few seconds to get the HP light to turn off. Will test again this evening.
  7. just serial number and I also had an HP account and register my G2 on day one. No pics sent.
  8. Just received mine ! Great Customer Service and Communication. Alittle over 24 hrs ship time not bad at all HP ! I really like to power button, I go 2D mode every once in awhile especially on the weekend mornings with a few cups of coffee and practicing. No return notice either so I now have a backup cable. Highly recommend if your within the warranty envelope as said above thats a pricey cable.
  9. I guarantee you’ll see a difference. Great patience and congrats.
  10. Just wondering if you were to open task manager while dcs is running to see if something/app is turning on and off or like said above checking for updates. It wouldn't hurt to try. Maybe check internet connection/router.
  11. Cool deal I’m hoping that’s my case too…. Thanks ! Awesome ! I’m getting excited now like when I first got the G2.
  12. It's a free upgrade. I just got a message and mine is shipped .... But it looks like they may want the original/defective cable assembly back according to the email. So I'll probably be paying for it because I want to keep it for a backup. Important – Return procedure HP, in most cases, requires the return of the good and/or defective parts associated with your CSR event. HP encourages you to return the part within three days of receipt. Failure to return the part may result in the billing for the cost of the replacement part. Here the contact # HP Technical Specialists are available 24/7 at 1-800-334-5144
  13. So where’s the power switch ?
  14. I don’t think so… I will eventually find out soon. Hoping for alittle bit a smoothness maybe. I would try to get the updated one if possible you may have tell a sweet lie tho. But honestly the guy told me tell forward this to anyone I know with a G2. So go for it ! It’s the updated version of the cable and powerbrick.
  15. Yeah well mine was not really bad or having issues I just heard it from the grape vine about the update cables so I have around 4 months warranty left so might as well get it now. I hope I’m able to keep the original one for backup. Sr. I hope it works for ya.
  16. I just got off the phone with HP VR support and wanted to let y’all know that he said that they are wanting to send updated G2 cables out to customers especially AMD users. The new cable and power brick has a switch on it now. Guy was real friendly and very helpful. I am not 100% sure but the new part # from what I gathered is M52188-001 If this has already been addressed here sorry. I called this support # 1-281-377-1382 i told them I was having issue with audio and troubleshooted that the cable was at fault where the pigtail goes in the little power brick.
  17. I like it how you just start DCS and everything boots up automacilly. The only time I have Steam running is when I need to run FPSVR program to monitor but I havent ran it in weeks… Rig/DCS/VR/G2/VROptian lenses has been solid ! Loving it
  18. I always thought that say if you plug in the G2 and wmr boots up is to close that one down first then let DCS open SVR and WMR Steam version. I have been doing this from the beginning from all the guides in here. Now all I do is just start DCS and everything comes together automatically. I have my G2 tuned perfectly now so I do not open up steam to run FPSVR lately as everything is running smooth.
  19. And no need to wait … already taken care of… amazing ! Thanks
  20. No sweat guys it’s being looked at and will be fixed next patch.
  21. Thanks Bignewy ! I knew it would be and I just wanted to make sure my eye site and brain wasn’t going downhill due to my age.
  22. When I was fighting a viper and got some good hits/bullets on him with damage after that the viper has black lines around it. Kinda like coming out of the wings and tail end. Noticed this last night and happened in VR. thought I would post it here also. I’ll try to get a screen shot this evening of this these very noticeable lines coming out of the jet after battle damage.
  23. Yeah I’ll try to get a snap shot/recording this evening of this weird thing, never seen his happen before. Maybe it only happens in VR
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