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  1. Hey oldpop ! I'm new and old ... haha! and from pensacola too. I might be interested after I get started and learning eveything. I'll have a DCS system hopefully by next month and excited to get started. Although this might be alittle advance... it was really cool to see someone from my home town. Take care.
  2. Thx for the advice. I may go this route which is why I'll get the 1 TB ssd to switch out the 1 TD sata hard drive. And also ask a few question about how many NMVe slots it can support. I just want to get a machine and start practicing ect. but, I want to build for the future too. This is hard for me because Im clueless.... but I learning. thx
  3. Good to know and i'll take your advice thx !!!
  4. Yeah, well what I guess i was trying to say that if I went with the single drive 2T NVMe. would I even need a second ssd drive. Just run everything plus DCS on that 2T NVMe. Dang ! I never talked any kind of this computer stuff like this ever until I got into this DCS sim. haha! Thx!!
  5. Yeah Sierra99 I gotcha thx. I was just thinking if this machine will be solely for DCS that I can just run it with the NVMe primarily. So I’m getting that DCS should run only by itself on a separate drive. Man I’m so new to this it sucks. Thx:thumbup:
  6. Hello, I'm getting ready to get a system together and I have a question regarding the drive around. The system im interested in has a 2TB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD, will this be good to run both main system and DCS. I can choose the option of a dual dual drive which is a 1tb NVMe and a 1 sata which i will sht can the sata and replace with a Samsung Solid State Drive 860 EVO 2.5" SATA III 1TB. Not sure which route to go. I won't be doing much on the main drive and I'll be getting this system mainly for DCS. So my question again is that of the 2TB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD , can I use this for both main and DCS. Thanks for any info. i'm getting excited. Oh this system will be from Dell.. Alienware , thrustmaster warthog stick and throttle, alienware keyboard and a 1tb samsung ssd just in case for around $3300 us
  7. This has been fixed after viewing another post on this issue. I deleted Camera+LMFCD(on Right Side) in the Lau Folder. And I ain't gonna do that again.
  8. Awesome ! I was doing the same and this fixed it back to norm... thx !:thumbup:
  9. Hello all, Well I was trying the 2 monitor option- Camera+LMFCD(on Right Side) just to see how it will work with my other monitor. Now, my main monitor is showing DCS half screen to the left which will not let me change back to the 1 monitor because the ok or enter button is off the screen. Yike!!! I'm new with DCS and running 1.5.8 until I get my new system. Any help getting me back to 1 full screen monitor.
  10. Thank you for all the great advice. I have a few more months to get a great rig for DCS. As for now I updated my old 3.5 hard drive for a Samsung SSD 860 EVO i believe, reinstalled the operating system and for right now while I'm waiting I'm running DCS 1.5.8. just to get ready and practice the feel of a real sim. So, the update went well and now I may be thinking of building a rig myself. There's so much great advice and info. and tutorials out that just makes me want to self build a great machine. This is an awesome forum.... thx everyone :thumbup:
  11. Thanks Nodak ! I will definitely check it out.
  12. Yes SYRAN, out of the the research and videos I have been watching and reading I have seen and heard about them and actually been clicking around in there. I want a machine for DCS only and want it to perform great under hours... hours of operation dew to the learning curve of DCS. Mostly I would want a machine that runs quite, cool and be able to tend with all the future upgrades and mods that this sim will produce over the years. I have a lot of research to do for sure. Thx SYRAN ! For the advice.
  13. Thx David OC thats just what I need to here and the direction to go...thx :thumbup: Thx fatboy :thumbup:
  14. Not really out of the question but I have thought about it. It may be a bit challenging but possible. I guess the more research i do the more everything making sense, I just never even thought about building one until I got into watching all this DCS stuff. Thx for the lis ink :thumbup:
  15. questioned Alienware units Great advice everyone thanks!!! I will try to run DCS 1.5 for now. This is driving me crazy, it may be earlier then 6 months :music_whistling: I've been looking at systems every hour since yesterday haha ! so much to choose from but i will definitely get a good machine for DCS only. Any Thoughts on the Alienware units? or that may be a different thread/topic. Thx again and have a great day !!!
  16. OMG ! Thank you so much for the advice. I was really thinking there is no way around getting this machine to work.. I'm glad I got the balls to ask before spending wasteful money when it could go to other things for DCS. Thx Syran for the link I will definitely check it out for sure. statrekmike thx for your honesty and advice. Pikey thanks for replying.
  17. Hello all ! Well after 3 weeks of DCS videos and the forum I'm finally very interested in this wonderful sim, I mean It's pure awesome! I'm an older guy that use to play the arcade style of sims back in the 90's, Novalogic meanly and it was a blast. Now I know there is a step learning curve with DCS and remember back in the days of learning Janes Longbow2 with the voodoo card so, I'm excited to dig in and learn this awesome sim. I have noticed that this is a great and helpful community too so I have a question right now about my system. I will eventually get a gaming PC but it will take me about 6 months or so and I just want to practice with what I have now if possible. My system is a Dell XPS 8300 that I got in 2015 Came with Window7 and I upgraded free to Win 10 Intel i5-2400cpu@3.1GHz 3.10GHz 8 GB of Ram " I know this needs to be bumped up to 16GB " video card is a AMD Radeon HD 5450 So, is it possible to just upgrade to Ram to 16GB ? Is my system being a i5-2400 to slow? When I load the game as of now it just freezes and I do understand this is no gaming pc. Is there something I can get to just get me practicing. Thanks for any help, Burt
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