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  1. I never had problems with the original face mask and I don’t like the mods that have all the wrinkles on it. If you wear glasses the best mod would to get protection lenses/ prescription it made a world of a difference.

     Vrwave and vroptician are great products.

  2. 2 hours ago, aviramad said:

    Hello Burt, Can you instruct me how can I connect 2 difference GPU ( I have 1070Ti and 2080Ti ) one the 2080Ti to my HP reverb G2 VR headset and  the 2nd 1070Ti to my screen, I tried many times to do it, but couldn't success;  If I got the screen that connected to the 1070Ti live but the VR headset that connected to 2080Ti got black (nothing could see). the only possibility to got mirror images on the screen and the VR was when the both connected to the same GPU.

    Please help , inform me if I need to tune or do something else in setting  of windows or bios or.....

    Thank you in advance 

    I’m sorry I’m not that tech savvy myself in that Dept. but I’m sure someone will help you.

  3. When I was running my AW3420DW 34" Ultrawide on my other rig i7-9700K not overclocked and a 2080Super @ 120hz it ran just fine. I got out of the FPS number thing months ago and I think the 1080ti is a better gpu then the 2080Super. I also tested the monitor @ 85hz and saw no difference in performance between 120hz. The monitor has its own tweaks too so I dont think your gonna have any issues but if your more worried about a few fps numbers then thats gonna be an issue on your part. The 34" monitor and dcs is amazing. 

  4. On 10/27/2021 at 9:28 PM, javelina1 said:

    I under volt mine, works great.  I have VRAM temps in the low to mid 80's for my gaming VR profile.  (GPU is usually around 47-50C).  For my daily "desktop" profile, I have VRAM temps in the middle 60's. 

    That’s what I’m thinking of doing too. I may try to drop the power limit down by 10-20 % to see the difference. 

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