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  1. No issues here with the lastest DCS update and nvidia’s new driver. I don’t use any mod/shaders.

    Sometimes I forget to go to Nvidia Control Panel and reset the Performance to High Performance after updating the driver.

  2. 16 hours ago, FoxTwo said:


    It is not an absolute must.


    Telling people to spend upwards of $2000 on a GPU because DCS demands it is ridiculous.


    It will run fine on a 3080 with 10GB of VRAM on a G2. And I would know.

    Sorry to dodge your FoxTwo but I wasn’t telling people to spend $$$ on a 3090. I said I opted for a system with a 3090 because I demand it not DCS. I’m sure the 3080 and G2 combo works well. 

  3. I’m going 2 years with the Warthog and I must of got lucky and got a good one / good QA because I actually love it for the Hornet and Tomcat. If you like the Viper you may want to put RealSimulator on your list it’s a force sensing stick with a very good program. The R3L base and the F16 stick I have setup as a side stick for the Viper kinda like the real deal. Just check it out he’s the link



    other than that I have no experience with any other brand but I’m glad I got the TM warthog as my very first Hotas. It really is a good product.


    but honestly I have been looking at the Virpil design and I can see how everyone likes it. The cams and the springs look amazing. I’m sure it’s a great product too.


  4. Have you tried opening up Task Manager while VR and DCS is running and see what maybe turning on when its not suppose to be...like maybe Auto updates/services of a program or 2. 

    Also maybe it could be your internet connection bogging out somehow, maybe hard reboot if your on a router and possibly do a internet connection test. I'm not a pro at all this but its worth trying. Something may be interfering when playing in VR. My internet connection is in New Orleans, LA from Floirda and with the hurricane last weekend there in N O ... is was terrible the whole weekend, Yesterday was smooth Flying. I think people are missing that the internet connection quality play a big part too. For example last weekend I was getting like 450-520 Mbps Download  and upload was terrible too. Yesterday I was getting 935ish Mbps Download and 23ish upload. 

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