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  1. It’s almost impossible to get a gpu these days. I’m not a pc builder but one day I’ll give it a go if the gpu market gets better. I have a Alienware R11 with the 3090 and it runs DCS and my G2 like a champ but yeah it’s loud but I don’t hear it. It was the only way for my impatient a$$ to get a 3090 at the time. Alienware has a new model R13 if things get to where you can’t get a decent gpu. Hopefully some time next year I will build my first rig I’m really wanting too now that I have learned a few things getting into the first pc gaming world at an old age. 

  2. Awesome ! And the VROptician lenses are super great your gonna like them a lot. I went for the vrwave lense first and didn’t like them as they would fall off at times and the design was alittle to boxy lookin and would scrape my bridge of my nose when I would lift the headset up to peek at my keyboard… Hated them ! But I think they changed the design now. 

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  3. I never had problems with the original face mask and I don’t like the mods that have all the wrinkles on it. If you wear glasses the best mod would to get protection lenses/ prescription it made a world of a difference.

     Vrwave and vroptician are great products.

  4. 2 hours ago, aviramad said:

    Hello Burt, Can you instruct me how can I connect 2 difference GPU ( I have 1070Ti and 2080Ti ) one the 2080Ti to my HP reverb G2 VR headset and  the 2nd 1070Ti to my screen, I tried many times to do it, but couldn't success;  If I got the screen that connected to the 1070Ti live but the VR headset that connected to 2080Ti got black (nothing could see). the only possibility to got mirror images on the screen and the VR was when the both connected to the same GPU.

    Please help , inform me if I need to tune or do something else in setting  of windows or bios or.....

    Thank you in advance 

    I’m sorry I’m not that tech savvy myself in that Dept. but I’m sure someone will help you.

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