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  1. Yes I heard and I hope I’ll get it down. I’m just blown away by DCS YouTube videos that I just had to make the change. thank !
  2. Just ordered the G2 today and I’m so excited. I’m doing my research now to get ready thanks for the info and videos Bignewy. I should of did my research first but I think my rig can handle the G2. dang !!! I so excited !
  3. Hi Buzybee, I update Tacview to 1.8.5 and everything went well. It does not recorded when I disable it DCS options and I have no issue when the program is recording. Thank you !
  4. Yes I will do that as soon as I am able. Thank you for your reply.
  5. 2 questions please 1. When I choose to disable recording in DCS options I still have the recording in my Tacview designated folder. Why does it still record ? 2. is this an update for Tacview Standard users like me? 1.8.5 ? I love the product but I have experienced some shuddering issues sometimes and would like to not run in the background at certain times Thx !
  6. GazAce bro ... big fan ! I have downloaded and played DCS with the new drivers 3 days ago with absolutely no issues at all all. I hope this finds you peace.
  7. I went with Spuds settings. Also a guy named PointBlank that is very helpful. Hope this helps you.
  8. I have been onboard since April 2020. I have never had that happen to my rig both stable and open beta, several wonderful updates. The only one was theF14A mod that wipe my binds out and duplicated many. I now have all my profiles on a flash drive to copy and paste from it if ever needed. Hope you get figured out.
  9. Welcome, I believe that would get one going especially you upping the Rams to 32gb. The main thing now is to get some seat time... your gonna love it ! I would recommend running the DCS Open Beta version.
  10. Don’t forget about your setting in your nvidia control panel too that’s super important and it should blend everything in with DCS settings.
  11. Yes you can bind one of the buttons on the TM stick for rudders if you wish but yes the TM stick and base does not twist.
  12. I have my eyes on this product. It’s pricey but it will be an investment not a buy. https://realsimulator.com/shop/ And Thinder is right. I bought that setup because I was waiting for my Warthog to be delivered which took over 4 months. But that setup was surprisingly good enough and easy to get. It’s so hard to get anything these days.
  13. I think it’s for the Rifles/Mavs and not the pickles. Standing by for clarification.
  14. Just like anything else, you have to put in the time. Watch videos first then brush through the manuals. I still use the auto start and auto shut down. It wasn’t really that important to me when I started DCS learning the start up. I have a check sheet I go by if I ever need to be that realistic. But mainly I’m a BFM guy right now.
  15. Last week I noticed alittle fps weidness myself. I did a router gigablast test and the numbers was not what I'm use of seeing. I rebooted my Router, did another speed test and was getting way better numbers. It wouldn't hurt to try this. It fixed my fps issues. I was getting 347.0 Mbps download and like 60-70 Mbps upload. After Router reboot 885 dload and 30ish upload. Not quit sure if this has anything to do what your problem but I hope it gets better you.
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