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  1. No prob with the new 461.71 driver. I just got a new 34” 120hz monitor and it gave me a boost in FPS ... how? I have no idea but it did. I immediately noticed a difference. Maybe my G2 also. But no probs with it.
  2. Burt

    Reverb G2

    Yea that 1 he likes. I think I’m gonna get prescription lenses from vrwave I wonder if that may help alittle.
  3. I just got a new Alienware 3420DW 34” 120hz 3440x1440p and noticed a big FPS drop from my 25” 240hz 1080p. Although I have more viewing room I do miss the 150ish frame rates I was getting with the 1080p. With the 34” I’m getting nothing over 90 FPS but it does run smooth and looks great. I honestly would have gone with a 27” 240hz but to late. I think you will like the wide screens either the 32” or 34”. I also had to turn a few settings down too to get the highest FPS @1440p.
  4. Burt

    Reverb G2

    This was just posted https://us.vrcover.com/products/facial-interface-and-foam-replacement-set-for-hp-reverb-g2
  5. Will do thanks again Gary
  6. okay got it !!! Well done thanks ! I was excited and went into the mission editor to create a mission but when I tried to add a plane I don’t see it in the list... sht! This is like when I got my first VR set “G2” and things were just not working the way it should be. But then again I better go read the installation instruction for this Mod, it’s my first one I ever tried to add. thanks for your guide it worked like a charm
  7. Hello i tried to install the F22A mod but I’m getting a have to have permission from admin. I researched how to that and give full access to user name but still can’t copy file. Also I have DCS in my program files and saved games. My aircraft folder is in the program files, alittle confused why. But can someone explain or point me in the right direction maybe another video in copying the F22A folder in my mod/aircraft folder. thanks
  8. did you get your discord working? Was you able to go in Tactical DCS discord.
  9. Well I was thinking of hosting some of your missions and fly with a friend...2 Eagles. But I understand and no biggie. I downloaded it yesterday and it was really helpful, great job and thx again.
  10. Burt

    Reverb G2

    Haha! So true .
  11. I have a question speed about your DCS settings. What’s the reason you have full screen enabled in your DCS options. I just watched an older YouTube video about doing the ALT+ENTER thing where it disables full screen mode and gives higher FPS. I tried it on 2D and it sure did up my frame rates. I have always had mine checked. Will this help FPS in VR/G2? I’m alittle confused now after watching that video now. Your thoughts please.
  12. Burt

    Reverb G2

    Awesome thanks gonna return the my settings this evening. Thanks for sharing the screen shoots I think FINALLY ! Everything is starting to make sense... it sucks getting old ! Haha !
  13. Burt

    Reverb G2

    Thats great ! If I may ask what was your final General Resolution per eye and the video custom resolution Multiplier numbers. Like I said above that I had them backwards. I will test tomorrow setting the General per eye @ 100% and the video Custom Res Multiplier @ 48 to 54 % Thx!
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