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  1. I do. I also notice that when the G2 is not powered on it moves my desktop icons around. When it is on it puts it back to where I had it.
  2. I just received my G2 a couple weeks ago. Have not been able to upgrade my gpu, still running on a 1070. All the information above has been very helpful. I've managed to make it usable until I can find the FE 3080 (the only 3080 that will fit in my computer). Been trying for months on Best Buy. One thing I have not been able to figure out is that sometimes when I start DCS and on the main screen my mouse will not work. I can see the white dot but it will not move. I take the headset off and the mouse will start working. I do have the use mouse box checked under VR in DCS. I have to turn e
  3. That is what I am wondering. Per the specs of the G2 it says it can run on full resolution on the RTX 3070. Is anyone using the 3070 with the G2?
  4. So is the 3070 out of the question with a G2? I currently have 1070 with the original Oculus Rift and was going to upgrade to the 3070 and G2. The 3090 or 3080 will not fit inside my Aurora R7. I would believe the 3070/G2 will be a big upgrade however should I consider a different headset with the 3070?
  5. I am looking at upgrading to the Reverb G2 and Nvidia 3070. It looks like the 3070 GPU is adaqute for the G2? I don't believe my Aurora R7 will not fit the 3080 or 3090. Problem is you can't get either one right now.
  6. Just noticed today that the left lens on my Oculus Rift has black dots all over. I guess it was dropped. Any recommendations on a new VR headset? My computer specs: Intel core i7 8700 Nvidia(R) GeForce(R) GTX 1070 8GB 48GM RAM DCS runs on a 1TB external SS hard drive Thanks for any advice.
  7. Think I found the problem. Found an Oculus repair/update and that seemed to work.
  8. Glad to see the update today however I can no longer use VR with the new update in stable. I have been trying to solve this issue on OpenBeta as I have had the same issue. I submitted a support ticket previously but was told to wait for the stable update. I also noticed that when I have DCS open and put the VR headset on, the Oculus home screen shows in the background an Error and something about multiplayer session timeout. Please try again. My VR is Oculus Rift (original version, not Rift S). Any help?
  9. outhaus

    No VR on 2.5.6

    Rift CV1. I ran the DirectX Diagnostic Tool and on Sound 4 tab noted "The file OCULUS119B.sys is not digitally signed, which means that it has not been tested by Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL). You may be able to get a WHQL logo'd driver from the hardware manufacturer." Not sure if this is the issue. I have run as administrator enable. Thanks.
  10. Learning TACAN nav and case 3 recovery. Watching Wags video on intro to case 3 landing I believe I saw him set the CRS heading by entering it in the UFC. How did he do that? I can’t get it to work and hate having my head down for a long time pressing CRS until I get the right heading
  11. outhaus

    No VR on 2.5.6

    Oculus Rift. I'll wait for the update until next week. Thanks for the help.
  12. outhaus

    No VR on 2.5.6

    I have been using the stable version in VR and wanted to try out openbeta 2.5.6. However it will not go into VR. I went to the VR setting and checked the VR box. Still no luck. I tried user support and after providing the the dcs.log and dxdiag report as they requested their response was they do not have VR glasses and to try the forums.
  13. When I first join a server it takes 5 min. to load up to the screen where you can select your aircraft. Is this typical?
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