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  1. If I can give you and advice, dont place your hopes too high, WW2 seems to not be ED's highest priority (which is logical if it brings less money), you can enjoy the state of the plane as it is now or move on finding something else. I lost hope in DCS WW2, everything is very very slow, I waited, waited and waited, after nearly 2 years this plane is still bugged, even with last update which was good for the graphical bugs, but with this speed, it will be resolved by the year 2025. My last hope is for the potential F-8/G-8 which can bring an update for the A-8, maybe.
  2. It only depends on the version, of course a 88 A4 is slow but the S variants are much more faster, the s-3 could go over 600 km/h at 8500m, it has 2 Jumo 213 instead of the 211 and is lighter than the A4, the problem here is the lack of data/the work needed to get all of them.
  3. I can't agree more, it saves a lot of weight to remove those guns I suggest you to try to take only 50 % of ammuntions which saves about 150 kg if I remember correctly, the first time I tried that I was really impressed by the climb rate change (notably after take off while climbing to 5-6km), the aircraft feel way less heavy, I can only imagine the result with more weight removed and reduced drag
  4. Bought it, seems to have all the stuff I was looking for, a lot of cool stuff...
  5. I will give it a try I think, thanks, I will post an update if I buy it
  6. Thanks !! But that doc is in the Ju-88 S-1 manual from 1944 or it's the "same"? I don't understand german very well, and translate doesn't help sometimes..
  7. Hi, I'm a big fan of those one and very interested to find more documentation(handbuch, chart, interior photo) on those aircrafts (mostly on the S variants), I'm particulary intersted by the cockpits and the GM-1 installation(in the cockpit too) Some particular documents that could help me a lot : Ju-88 G-1, R-2, S-1, T-1 Bidienungvorschroft-Fl, 1943 Ju-88 G-1, R-2, S-1, T-1 Bidienungvorschroft-Fl, Sonderstoffanlage, 1944 Ju-88 G-2, G-6, S-3, T-3 Bidienungvorschroft-Fl, 1943 I already have the Handhuch for the Ju-88 S-1, a bad photo of the cockpit of a T-1 (where we see the instruments for the GM-1 but it's impossible to identify them) and a sheme for the intstallation for the GM-1 in S-1 but without the legend...
  8. I think a lot depends on ED, I don't think that data is the real problem for many planes (seems there is a lot of guesswork for modern stuff so why not with WW2?), but the effort needed to collect them(archives at different places, different museums), and at the moment they put much more effort for modern stuff than WW2. If they put the same effort on the F18 as on WW2 plane, I think we could see very cool stuff and I wouldn't mind to pay the same price (even more) as the modern planes, if they are very well done with ALL features
  9. All aircraft in poll were quite common(exept Ar234 maybe) if you consider the state of german twin engine aircraft in 1944, and I think it's good to put them and give them a chance to shine because they couldn't at a 1:10 ratio, we can make scenario that wasn't possible, and for the balance, they were no balance in 1944. The production was diminued and then stopped in favour of fighter, those aircraft were less common not because they were bad performing, had problems with engines or were prototypes but only because they couldn't produce all they wanted.
  10. Yes I know, the kickstarter, the roadmap, all of that, the tricky stories about this module, for me it will come but we will wait a loooonnnnnggg time before seeing it
  11. I would like to add that the Ju-88 S3 seems to be similar to the G-6 but it's the bomber version, it had GM1 instead of the MW50, glazed nose and can go at 379mph (without bomb load) at 8500m, that's why I love it so much, one of the fastest of Ju-88 serie, maybe it could be a good module, Ju-88 S3/G6 (I would pay 150$) and we already have the engine in the game, Jumo213A, but sadly there is not enough information for both of them I think which is sad, so many planes would be incredible in dcs (not only german plane), but the lack of informations penalize them.
  12. Vote according on your preferences, not only about ED's capacity to do it, I'm intersted to know which twin engine german plane is the most loved for late war scenario I love all of them but my favourite one is the Ju-88 S but I know there is little chance to see it, so my second choice is Ju-188, fast, well armed, and can go for torpedo run. I didn't add the Ju-388 because the bomber version was only on prototype stage, and only a few Do-335 was built and for the 262, we know we will have it in the future But don't hesitate to mention other aircraft, or version...
  13. Let's forget the other sim, the engine management will be a lot harder in DCS, and people fly higher in DCS, in the other sim if you climb at 7km you will see nobody and in 2 mins you're in the combat zone. I don't think it will be op, it's a good aircraft but if your enemy see you will hardly shoot them down, at 700-800 km/h the manoeuvrability is poor(+mk108 bad balistic) and if you slow down you will get shot down. I don't understand why in the pacific it's not problem to have a6m wich are 100km/h slower than hellcat and here yes with the 262 and other planes, and I don't think we will get a ki-84 or N1k1 for the pacific
  14. I don't think it's the time to get another theater now that the europe one is becoming quite good now and the Marianas will come first in "modern era" version and I expect that ED will drop the "world war 2 era" versions a lot later...
  15. I don't know the subject very well, but I observed that some people think that shooting down a aircraft = something break or explode, like a wing or the fuel burn out, and forget that only the spirfire has 20mm, in the wing so you need the be at the correct range for a good shot, and the others 12.7mm (in the wing too) wich for me are quite weak in all sims/game. German planes have 13mm, 20mm and 30mm and they are often in a better positon on the plane. The good shooter of the luftwaffe loved the 109f over the emil because the gun was perfectly in the center of the aircraft
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