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  1. This is the ins update part of the mission. In the caucasus map mission the entered waypoint is near the bridge you use to update, which makes sense. In the new one the entered waypoint is 9 miles away across the lake from the dam.
  2. Having fun with them. One thing, with the intro to the ins mission it seems the lat/long for the Hoover Dam is way off. The imputed waypoint is on the other side of the lake.
  3. Right click on the shortcut and under properties set to launch as administrator. They way you have to manually launch it for it to load
  4. Digital buttons are on/off switches. To use it as a slew you would have a single speed in 4 directions. Analog stick means that you have finer control of the TDC. Push it a little for slow movement, more for faster slewing. Also you can vary the direction other than in the 4 digital directions. A digital hat is fine for TDC control, but an analog stick style provides greater control
  5. I find this label mod works very well in VR https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=203089&highlight=label
  6. Since I got a Virpil base now I hope that the stick can be bought seperate
  7. Hmm, is that rotary on the stick in place for antenna elevation since the Warthog throttle didn't have one?
  8. Doesn't mean they will sell it separately from a base. Look at all the wheels they have come out that are swappable on their bases, but you still have to buy a base to get the new wheel.
  9. I wonder if they will make the F/A-18 stick available to buy and pug into the Warthog base, or like there steering wheels, even though they are swappable, having to buy a base to get a new wheel.
  10. I think hand controller implementation would be the ground work for the future when hand tracking is integrated into the vr APIs
  11. Lol,you wasted your money on 4k when 8k is just around the corner 'Best of luck in selling your old hardware for more money than you paid for your depreciating "investment".'
  12. So do you ever buy any hardware, or just wait for the next greatest thing to come out, there will always be faster CPUs, SSDs and graphics cards. I've been enjoying my Rift since it was released, not dreaming of what the next greatest thing the will come out.:thumbup:
  13. I believe the physics had rendering and lighting needs DS to work.
  14. Simply put out of all the available DCS aircraft the A-10C had the most functionally complex throttle and people looking for a replacement want to be able to map those functions to the new throttle. If the M2000 had a more complex throttle then I would be looking if a new throttle was able to map is functions as a baseline. Any other available throttle you mention aren't able to map those functions so they don't meet that requirement. Personally I still fly with an X-65 throttle as it is able to map all the A-10 functions plus has 2 rotaries. The newer Saitek examples have less hats so I have stuck with this one. Same reason why I haven't got the Warthog throttle as well since the x-65 had rotaries. By the looks of it the mini stick virpil throttle may be able to replace my current setup. But one of the requirements is an I asked to map the A-10 controls to it completely?
  15. I know Steam VR didn't care how different controllers you have so if you still have your Rift sensors you can try using them for the touch controllers while using the Oddessy.
  16. You must be fun at parties :wacko:
  17. Do something extreme, like going from 5 to 100
  18. No you're just being pedantic. .
  19. If you have Amazon Prime you could buy it through them and return it if you dint like it.
  20. I know ED in the past have resisted using any vender specific features like Gameworks, etc.
  21. Any way to turn on shadows on the hanger, looks so strange right now
  22. I really like this label setup in VR https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=203089&highlight=Label
  23. Only use one. If you set PD to say 1.5 in both then you are compounding them. DCS will apply 1.5 to the 1.5 you are already running. I don't know if either one is better than the other.
  24. Well we're discussing that something has to be due as the current non system doesn't work
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