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  1. I'd love to see the flightsims you've developed, do you have a link?
  2. Dalton+num0 doesn't work in VR. It used to, but hasn't for awhile.
  3. well, it is an intermediate step for one. Second I don't know if a 1:1 hand position for a cockpit would work with my setup. I have my stick and throttle attached to my desk with some mounts, but they aren't in the position that they are in the aircraft, and each aircraft is different. If we need to have 1:1 hand position in the cockpit I imagine I will bashing my hands off of my desk and where my throttle is, etc getting in the way. This would be an issue with a lot of people. For me a 2D pointer like how the touch controllers work now would be perfect. Just without the limitation of needing to pick up a controller or grab my mouse. Just raise my hand, point at the control and conduct the finger motion to represent right or left click.
  4. DayGlow

    Warhead mod

    After the latest update, DCS is crashing on launch with this mod enabled. The last line in my log is: 2018-09-01 14:08:35.964 ALERT wInfo: While loading weapons.missiles.BGM_109B: Error while loading ./Scripts/Database/Weapons/schemes/missiles/cruise_missile_vert_start_booster_drop.sch: Parameter not defined: warhead.caliber
  5. there is this hack to make night darker in the Rift, which is a universal problem, but it will increase the godrays from bright objects in a dark scene https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=211229&highlight=night
  6. 3 is backwards compatible, so it shouldn't be an issue
  7. It works for me as it helps me decide that this product isn't for me as a mouse replacement for cockpit interaction.
  8. What does the camera that mounts to your VR device look like? Right now I have a leap motion mounted, but I don't really use it. Hoping it's near the same size so I can use the bracket. Assuming it's usb so I can use the usb cable that the leap uses.
  9. Also, make sure you don't have supersampling/pixel density on both in Steam VR and in-game, choose which one you want to use, as they will compound each other.
  10. yeah, it's unavoidable when projecting a 3d world onto a wider fov on a flat screen.
  11. ok, so you have to hold down a mapped brake button, then move the rudder to only brake one or the other wheel?
  12. Can someone explain how this works? I don't have the pedals and an interested in comparing them to other products.
  13. It may not be'official' but it did explain the difference between the old renderer and new PBR and deferred shading. It's unrealistic to expect a developer to support 2 different render paths.
  14. I can't say where I read this, but I remember this being a major reason going forward. The physics-based rendering requires deferred shading and completely different layers for the textures. found this post: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3487424&postcount=30
  15. Too much work needed to support 2 different render paths. Objects would need 2 seperate texture and material files to properly reflect light as the deferred shaders use the physics based rendering.
  16. It's an issue for both the Mirage and Harrier, the real presets don't change fit the map, they are always set to the Caucasus airports. Will this be updated on the future?
  17. Yup, can never get past inbound, which the tower responds to (Nellis 133.550 burned into my brain now) never get clearance to land. I passed it the third time I tried, nothing different, waited forever for clearance to land, never got it, **** it and land anyways. Mission accomplished? Nothing different fun the last two.
  18. What's going on? Decided to finally try this campaign and can't get past the first mission arriving at Nellis. Fly the waypoints and told see you on the ground. Contact ATC, flew in circles forever waiting for clearance to land. After 15 minutes decided to just land. No mission accomplished message, nothing, can't progress.
  19. Since you can have multiple binds to a control in DCS I have VR zoom on my HOTAS and a key, then use my mouse software to bind that key to one of my thumb buttons.
  20. My gpu has 2 HDMI ports and it works fine with my rift and 4k monitor. My previous you only had a single HDMI port. I used a active displayport to HDMI 2.0 doggle worked with my rift fine. This Audi means you get audio as DP has audio as well.
  21. This kinda dampens my enthusiasm,I thought they tracked in 3d space. You did combine them with leap for positional tracking, but you are adding more cost. I'm waiting fur vive controllers support so I can see for myself if its practical to use leap to mimic them with your hands Leap support doesnt need to be 1:1 position in 3d space. Just being able to use the laser pointer and gestures for right/left click would be a gain to me.
  22. Yeah, I'm a VR pilot so that really cements looking at the AMD upgrade path.
  23. Has anyone compared how much oc'ing actually improves performance in DCS, like running a 8700k at stock vs 5+ GHz? Would like a basis to see if the extra money is worth it vs a smaller gain.
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