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  1. Still have my x-65f, well I use the throttle. Nothing touches it for number of hats, rotories, even analogue mini stick. The only thing that may pull me away from it is the new Virpil throttle.
  2. I wonder if it would be possible to print a bracket that would sit on top of the where the throttle levers come out of the base they comes in slightly at one point so you would have to push through some resistance au a certain point to mimic a detent. Kinda like how you can buy mods for the Thrumaster shifter for Sim racing that add resistance pushing it into gear. The only issue would be securing it to the throttle to provide that resistance.
  3. My understanding is latency. There isn't enough bandwidth between the cards to sync fast enough with VR head movement.
  4. Can't wait to try the clearer labels in vr
  5. It looks angled out from the desk Vs going straight down. Maybe a shorter version for the gunfighter base since you can't use an extension with it?
  6. it doesn't for me. It's reset every time I load up a mission.
  7. That could explain why I can't get the cannister to disperse in the training mission
  8. As I was RTBing in the mission I was browsing through the other units with F2 and came across one of the AI M2000's in a flat circle turning with no bank what so ever no idea of why it was doing this hard loop over and over again.
  9. What 'proof' do you want? A video of people sitting at a computer working away? He's says they are working on it. Either you believe him or not. Demanding 'proof' is childish IMHO
  10. Turn tool tips off in options
  11. Thanks for the info. Wish you could do this full time because your missions are great
  12. BD's Facebook news working on the Mig-19 training missions, does that mean the AV-8Bs are being delayed further?
  13. I've seen conflicting info about of the INS should be set to NAV or LFA during normal flight operations.
  14. came here to post the same thing, massive sun in the cockpit in VR as soon as I stick my head through the glass
  15. Does starting the engine while it's aligning mess it up? From what I read is that the vibrations from the engine is bad for alignment, but I'm not sure if this is modeled in the sim.
  16. If this can capture radio text it would be perfect for vr
  17. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=172910 This mod really helps the A-10 in VR
  18. At the bottom of the UFC make sure the HUD is in night mode
  19. tool tips are turned off even though I have them on in my settings. Hit the throttle cutoff switch instead of the parking brake because it was hard to distinguish
  20. ED had said in the past that they won't implement vender specific performance tweaks. Maybe if Nvidia throws money at them it would change
  21. Don't blame ED, the shader mod is a user made file.
  22. Stick to the stable branch of you don't want to deal with beta issues
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