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  1. I love the 'warez' experts that anounce copy protection doesn't work. Why? What research is that based on, or is it a casual observation? I have more confidence that a software company such as ED puts more thought and research into copy protection before they use it. 10 to 1 they have choosen StarForce because it actually works. So everyone that complains CP doesn't work should really show why it doesn't. Not through saying a illegial copy will be bought in Bangkock, but though actual market research they or someone else has done. Quite simply I have more faith that ED knows what they are doing than some annoymous person on the interweb who proclaims they are a CP expert. ________ marijuana vaporizers
  2. If you read Wags post you can install as many times as your heart is content. Even if you load up an old image and install, the actual hardware on your system would not have changed. From what I understand from your post you have no problems ________ silver surfer vaporizer
  3. Never said anyone is a Moonbat, just the hystaria :P Already we have people quoting other people that have made an unfounded obersvation and using it as facts to propel their comments. All we need now is the obligtory 'Starforce put a virus on my computer' comment and we will have a full circle 8) ________ full melt bubble hash
  4. got to love the the same moonbat hystaria is flying around as always. Yes ED needs to clarrify, but that means people should wait, not go on and on about how they won't pay. No one has said they have to yet. Guess what? It's Friday, sometime in the afternoon in Russia. I highly doubt anything will be said over the weekend. This thread should get interesting as the moonbat hystaria gets out of control. ________ juggalos
  5. the casual piracy is much larger than the p2p areana, so it makes sense to use copy protection. As for key-gens, that's exactly what SF's system protects against. Since the key is generated from your hardware signature you can't share it across the net, and any key that is over active is shut down. That's why people don't like SF, because it's hard to crack. ________ vapor genie vaporizer
  6. kk, I appologize if that is the case. ________ buy herbalaire
  7. how is it treating you like a pirate to ask to verify your license after 3 major upgrades. That means dropping in a new video card, motherboard or cpu. So maybe once a year, if you are an upgrade freak you would have to spend 5 minutes getting a new key. I really fail to see how that makes it treating you like a pirate. ________ launch box vaporizer
  8. ok, so no copy protection will raise sales and lower piracy. OK. ________ electronic cigarettes
  9. who cares if it's illegal? Wow, nice to see ethics are still alive. :roll: ________ Ducati 500SL Pantah
  10. I don't really understand the hystaria behind registy entries left after uninstall. Pretty much every piece of software leaves something behind, so you have to clean it once and awhile. Most 30 day trials of software leave something behind so you can't just uninstall it and reinstall it afterwards. ________ rolling a joint
  11. and is the orginal poster a official representative from ED stating their position? It very well could be only 3 major upgrades and your sunk, but since no one has the slightest clue if it's true or not, it's pointless getting all worked up over. ________ medical marijuana
  12. I think the discussion is about the 3rd Upgrade. Not install. Ok, where does it say you pay after the 3rd upgrade? Nowhere. It states you need to go to the website and get a new key. Again people are running around in hystaria with zero facts. ________ hash
  13. humm, where does it say after 3 installs you have to re-buy? I don't see it anywhere, so please use some common sense before you try setting off the rumor mill. It says after 3 activations on a key you need to go the the website and get a new key. Nothing, zero about having to buy that key. ________ CR450
  14. or bite the bullet and have custom controls for each plane. We already have the dropdown menu for different modes, how about a 'all' and every plane dropdown menu. That way with the ground attack planes you can have the release controls mapped out, but radar aren't needed, vice versa for the air superiority planes, etc. ________ synthetic weed
  15. How are the real F-15 controls set up? I know in Falcon 4 the SP patches have added such features as the TMS switch, pinky button, dogfight mode/missle mode, etc. It really streamlines the controls and makes the complex avionics much easier to control. ________ vaporizer shop
  16. I remember the Mig29 addon for Falcon3 had it. Worked great, but as explained in the manual it doesn't know when the target is destroyed, so if there are parts that are still big enough to track it would keep firing, even after the target was shot down. ________ ST series
  17. And it does. THe AIM-7 for example is a beam-rider until terminal guidance. An early version of the AIM-7 was a beam rider, but they are all SARH. ________ Yamaha YSR50
  18. global security is not the most accurate site. ________ vaporizer affiliate program
  19. is the camera ground stabalized, or does the pilot have to reajust the aimpoint on a moving target? ________ hemp
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