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  1. perfect, thanks. Love the tighter gun dispersion.
  2. I have no idea why, but when I use this mod the Stennis model disappears. Any mission that starts on the Stennis loads to the map screen as it isn't there. I tracked it down to this mod, every other mod I have loaded loads up a mission with a carrier start, only when I use this mod does it not work.
  3. Still use a mouse because pointctrl is close to $300cad delivered. I don't think it's over priced, I'm sure it's very close to cost and money for time building/developing, but it's still too much for me on justify at this time.
  4. I think that what will have to happen is a gesture to turn the gloves on and off as you grab or release the controls. Something like touching your thumb and pinkie finger tips as you release the controls wake up the gloves, then doing the same puts them to sleep. A simple fast gesture that wouldn't happen by chance while manipulating the cockpit.
  5. Trim back? The tutorial states 2 down stab trim. Nozzles are at 82. I've tried neutral and the directed down stab trim, I'll have to try trimming against the direction. I have a Virpil base with a 6cm extension, all don't think it's that.
  6. Really trying to get a feel for this airframe, but for the life of me, I'm having trouble with the vertical takeoff tutorial. It says to avoid any forward or back pressure on the stick to avoid hot gasses into the engine, but as soon as I'm weight off of wheels the nose dips forward and I have 10+ knots of forward airspeed. If I put backpressure on the stick as I take off, I'm unstable AF After awhile I'm to the point of bobbing up and down, but I can never get stationary in all 3 axis
  7. If only there was some way to change the default head position so that more of the HUD is visible for those who want it...
  8. the answer is just a few posts above yours https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4133534&postcount=922
  9. how are the different mouse clicks registered?
  10. I have found as pixel density increases, the stuttering the control menu increases
  11. Yes, it muffled sound as well, but still the variance between how loud the engine is between open and closed canopy isn't great enough for my liking. It's a small thing, but I'm like just a little whine in the background with the canopy closed, but much louder with the canopy open. If I have the closed sound levels I like, an active airbase is eerily quiet taxing around with the canopy up. Not the end of the world, but I'm hoping it's a simple gain variable that I haven't found yet
  12. I'm trying to figure out how to decrease the engine sound when the canopy is closed. I've find that when in have a good level for when the canopy is open (loud, but not deafening) closing the canopy doesn't cut the sound enough for me. Searching the sound definition files I can't find how the engine sound is reduced by the canopy position.
  13. Is this working with the latest beta? I'm getting shawdow shader errors when compiling new shaders on launch
  14. I had this app. I believe it never got updated a few years ago when iOS went full 64bit and doesn’t work any more
  15. Got the latest beta, volume still increasing
  16. Yup, from exploring this I’ve found a bug where sound volume increases no matter the slider setting https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=246537
  17. In my quest to lower in cockpit sound I've found that there is an issue with volume increasing no matter the slider setting. One example is the menu music slider. Even if you set it to 1% it will start off quiet, but will keep increasing until it's loud. Same for the cockpit slider. If I set it to 0%, no engine sound in the cockpit, but as soon as I put it 1% it will start off quiet, but keep increasing in volume. You can test this by setting it to 1%, go to external and then back into the cockpit. It will start off quiet and keep increasing. This seems to be tied to a feature I've just noticed where sound levels go down when the radio message is being played, then the sound increasing back up. This seems to have made broken the sound sliders.
  18. I'm looking for a way to just turn down the engine in the cockpit, it seems that the volume sliders keep changing what they do. Before I was able to have my engine just barely audible while other cockpit sounds were at a normal level, much like it would be in RL Now it seems all cockpit sound levels are tied together. I use simshaker to model the rumbling feeling of the engine, so I don't want the artificial sound level as well.
  19. The devs have already said they won't support proprietary rendering options.
  20. Figured it out. Autitrimmer was selected in options. Don't remember ever selecting that
  21. Yeah I saw that. It was the brake axis on my t50cm stick. I've already cleared that and double checked that pitch isn't mapped any where else. Same with the F-5
  22. Done more testing. This jumpiness happens in Instant Action, Missions, and Campaigns If I load a training mission then the input is smooth Tested both with the F-5 and F/A-18
  23. Hello, I've noticed when I was trying to learn to AAR that I wasn't having smooth input around the center of my joystick axis. I've uploaded this video to show what is going on. You can see in the config screen I can have small inputs around the center of the axis and that I have no deadzones. But when I go into flight the control stick indicator shows that small movement isn't possible. It jumps out, then I can move it smoothly back to center ${1} I have a Virpil T-50 base that has the latest software and firmware that has been calibrated in their software suite. This happenning in all modules that I have tested so far.
  24. Just did the hideout mission as well. Designate any target in the target area, get the affirm and rejoin. Told him to attack tragets of opportunity, and he flew off into Russia to get shot down.
  25. I have a left handed trackball attached with Velcro to the side of my throttle and use a regular more with my right hand.
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