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    G2 view problem

    I've had this in the past. Basically your headset is stuck in 3dof mode, not 6dof. I find it's an issue between WMR and SteamVR. I find closing and restarting SteamVR fixes it
  2. So if I say 'option' the F10 menu will open, then I can say 'take 1' to select the custom radio message?
  3. Not sure how to use Viacom to select the F10 menu items. I understand the take command to select a number, but how do I open up the F10 other command menu in the first place?
  4. Thanks, this is what I wanted. I'm using a Virpil throttle and gave the flap lever divided into a 3 position switch.
  5. I'm trying to setup the program, but when I go into the settings menu I can't click on anything, none of the tabs work. I can click on apply and ok, but nothing else works.
  6. Got back into dcs note that I got my Reverb G2 and new GPU. I couldn't figure out why I was getting so bad shimmering. Realized that some trees aren't rendering in one as well as some shadows. Really making it hard to fly.
  7. what do you and to the default.lua to get the 3 position switch?
  8. It made sense back when 4 core processors were three norm. I've stopped using it nor that I have a 3700x. Just don't see any benefit with modern hardware.
  9. Does Kegetys' new one version have the old water?
  10. Your making a big accusations with the tone and wording of your post. You seem to be making the claim that they are purposely and actively blocking modding. You're flat out accusing ED of being dishonest and purposely breaking mods. Those are some bold claims.
  11. I'm guessing their crash log inbox is flooded with mod errors and it makes it impossible to sort out real crash logs from user error ones. On one hand we complain they take forever to fix things, but 10 to 1 they have tons of erroneous crash logs to sort through.
  12. Not compatible with DCS as it used deferred rendering, not forward rendering
  13. hoping someone smarter than me can make a new supercarrier hanger screen
  14. I'm guessing its the AA mask, not the overall mask
  15. in the new beta there is a MSAA mask option in the VR menu
  16. Well since I'm interested in the CM2 I don't want the competition I'm voting Warthog :p
  17. be aware a lot of YouTubers use post processing on their videos to balance colour and make them pop more, especially if they are making cinematic pieces.
  18. Thanks didn't want to go through alignment again without an answer
  19. The flight lead won't taxi out of the hanger. I did my startup and radioed on the F10 menu to him that I'm ready and he contacted the tower for taxi. I started to roll and he never left the hanger.
  20. This mod makes the MFDs more visible in the F/A-18 https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=250641 You can actually dim the AMPCD and the text stays bright so you can read it easier. I've got it modified so that only the AMPCD is modified to keep the retro CTR feel for the rest of the displays
  21. How do I modify the files so they only the AMPCD is updated? Basically keep the top 2 CRTs unmodified, but update the AMPCD? I like the legacy aspect of the F/A-18, but as i fly VR the AMPCD is completely useless. Your mod makes it readable. I think this way it works be a compromise.
  22. Yeah I'm finding nozzles at around 84 helps with better velocity control. Still can't stable hover, but a lot less initial nose drop on lift off
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