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  1. +1. Oscillations got worse the longer I let itself try to work.
  2. Have you checked your "AA/Charges" FBW config switch? In "Charges" you're limited to 5.5G's iirc. AA config is only for air-to-air loadout (2 S530D and 2 magics) with an empty or no center external fuel tank. You should be able to pull 9G's in this mode.
  3. One of these mousepads is not like the others. All are flyable except this one... EDIT: BIGNEWY confirmed this is not the secret project. :(
  4. I have the same issue. Nothing happens after landing back on the farp after destroying the mortar team. Waiting indefinitely for the wounded to be loaded. I'm on the latest open beta.
  5. I'd be interested as well, a framed version like the TM MFD's.
  6. Quick update: Graduated and commissioned on the 18th. Drove to Pensacola NAS for my CSO training. I don't officially start until after I spend a month in Colorado learning how to fly and a couple days back in Pensacola for water survival training. We get to watch the blue angels practice everyday. Pretty neat. T6's are all over the place with the current trainees and they're stupidly fast for a prop.
  7. More specifically, each page the MFD's can display.
  8. TD 46. 24 days left until graduation. 4 days until the lower class arrives. We've reached phase 3 status which means we can now go off base on the weekends and drink (woohoo!). But for this weekend, we have temporary phase 4 which lets us wear civilian clothes anywhere but on the campus. Freedom. Anywho, we've got advo briefs coming up and I'm briefing on keeping the A-10 warthog past 2028. I don't have access to my sim computer 1000 miles away so I'm asking the community to provide me screenshots of cockpit differences between the A-10a and A-10c.
  9. Some pictures of the high ropes course and our last community service project.
  10. The upperclass graduated on the 2nd. Here is their class video. Shows a little of what we do here
  11. TD-17 (upperclassmen graduated today and were commissioned, we now run the place) We were promoted to "Phase 2" on monday after a 6 mile formation run to all the historical markers on base. At the end of the run, the upper class were lined on the side of the roads in front of the last marker cheering us on. We had a little ceremony and were awarded our "Prop & Wings". Phase 2 means we don't have to brace walls for upperclassmen or commissioned staff in hallways. We are now referred to as sir/mam instead of OT (officer trainee). We now access to the rest of the base by walking unless we h
  12. Currently on training day 11 (TD11). 55 days left to go. Lots of screaming, being told to run around, pushups, sleepy lectures, yada yada. In my flight of 14, we have a USAF TACP and CCT. (google em). These guys are hardcore. Honored to be working along side them for our commissions.
  13. A thread should be started similar to the one started for the P-51. "First takeoff and landings"
  14. Got my class date! I'll be reporting in on April 9th. @Sierra99 - Nope, not enlisted. I thought about it after 4 years of JROTC in high school but went to go college instead. The mudhens are high on my list but anything can happen.
  15. Thanks for the support everyone. My flight physical was finally approved. I should get a class date this month according to my recruiter. It's now been over a year since I started the process! Anywho, I bought myself a hotas warthog to hold me over until I leave. :joystick:
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